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Jour 64: Healthy living link luuurve


This is how I look in my head; healthy farm-fresh eatin', cheeks rosy from a hard day's work...

I'm thinking about being a healthier person. This means a few things: I'm thinking about exercising (and I did lift weights like, twice, in the past few weeks) and I'm thinking about eating healthy stuff (I've bought some healthy stuff... not that I've eaten it yet). Basically, the intent is there, all I need is the follow-through.

Enter these links! Here is some great advice about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and, oh yes, being frugal about it all. (*Note: Pinterest is also a great place to find stuff about exercises to do and healthy meals to make. Pinning these pictures is the same as doing the exercise or eating the food, right? Good. I thought so.)


Healthy! I am thinking of growing my own veg, in pots in my kitchen.
That's possible, right?
Linky Dinky

My Thirty Spot takes a break from their usual drool-inducing brunch recipes with a list of... drool-inducing healthy brunch recipes. I'm going to try the arugula/egg sandwich ASAP!

Everyday Treats has this yummy-sounding recipe for homemade pots de creme (a healthier version of instand pudding) that's also jumped to the top of my "must try" recipe list.

Lindy from Minting Nickels wrote this great piece about how to get 30 minutes of exersise everyday (without a gym membership). My gym membership is (I think?) expired (at least, it's been so long since I last went that I've lost the card) and so I think I need to start embracing these sorts of everday fitness activities. [Which is totally with is recommended in French Women Don't Get Fat, so I doubly need to be doing this]

And it's starting to feel like spring, but The Beauty Department's advice for the best food to feed your skin is good all year round.

And because part of being healthy is sometimes having a special treat (...right?) I wanted to share one of my fave recipes from awhile ago, Serendipity's Nutella hot cocoa.

Your weekly Gail Vaz-Oxlade: Eating Cheap

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