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Jour 63: March frugal advice from Flare magazine

So, earlier this year, I subscribed to Chatelaine and Flare magazines and then totally forgot until I started receiving the magazines.

"I had the strangest dream. And Chatelaine was there and Flare was there..."

In order to make this not be a waste of money (which it really isn't, it's like $14/year) I will find a piece of financial advice from each magazine every month. And because I am addicted to Cosmo as well, I'll throw in advice from them as well.

And also to make it extra-informative for me and extra-entertaining for you, I shall adhere to this advice for the duration of the month.

First up: Flare!

In the March issue (with Revenge's Emily VanCamp on the cover), there is an interview on page 132 with MTV's Dan Levy called "Cents & Sensibility."

Dan Levy: Canadian MTV personality, handsome man, good choice in sweaters, cute glasses.

- Dan Levy's parents lived in such a frugal, thoughtful manner that he spent much of his childhood assuming they were close to bankruptcy (they weren't, FYI, they were just penny-pinchers) (Sound like someone else's parents you know?)

- He realized, when on a high school trip to Europe, that many of his classmates were only there because "their parents wanted the summer off, and travel and money and luxury were as common to them as the McDonald's McNuggets they opted to eat over the impossibly delicious Italian fare."

- His essay is basically thanking his parents for helping him learn to value things and live more mindfully.

The moral of the story:

Appreciate all the gifts that come your way. Conversely, when you do indulge, enjoy it fully.

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