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Jour 62: Planning a frugal death


Today's post isn't about what to wear to a funeral but...
this outfit pretty much rules.

So, death happens. To everybody, eventually. (*Exception, my cat, who will live forever AND DON'T TRY TO TELL ME OTHERWISE)

Like so many other areas of thriftiness, the most frugal way to die would obviously be to wander around the woods and pass away, becoming one with the dirt and the trees and the flowers and nobody would have to pay for your casket or memorial service. But, that's not always practical.

I realize, obviously, that, death is a v. serious business. And the funeral business is also a business, one unlike any other. I don't know any funeral directors personally, but imagine if your job was meeting people on one of the worst days of their life, when they're scattered and can't make a decision, they keep bursting into tears, and you're trying to help them choose a style of casket, memory book, and floral design?

How can you keep your frugal instincts together 
when your life is falling apart?


Luuurve Katy Perry's funerary chic here. The lace umbrella is a nice touch.

There are a few options. One is to bear in mind that the casket (if you're going that route, which isn't the most frugal but you may still choose to) will be buried so how nice does it need to be, really? It's not like buying a new sofa.

Another option is to just say screw it, it's a one-time-only expense, you loved this person, and spare no expense.

And a third option, one I just learned about today, is to join a memorial society. What is a memorial society?

"A memorial society is an association of like-minded people from all walks of life, who respect the need for a simple, dignified alternative to the elaborate and increasingly costly funeral services promoted by the conventional funeral industry." (


Note: Memorial Societies may not look like the ladies in this picture.
These ladies do, however, look fabulous.

There are 180 memorial societies in North America. Basically, when you pay to join a memorial society, you get to plan your own frugal funeral. You get a living will, you can make arrangements with a local funeral parlour, and other fun things like a newsletter (but not a T-shirt, unfortch.)

I mean, it's totally normal and understandable that we all run around like nobody's ever going to die because who wants to think about that? But for the truly frugal (and/or just very organized and/or thoughtful people) you can always make these sorts of arrangements yourself.

That was so depressing! I hate death, it's the worst. I promise tomorrow's blog will be way more fun. In fact, I can guarantee tomorrow's blog is going to be more fun. SPOILER: It will probably be a hair tutorial. Wheee I like life so much more than death.

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