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Jour 60: Drunk subscribing (to sensible magazines)

Some people drunk dial or or send drunk emails late at night. Paris Hilton is known, of course, for drunk texts. Me? I drunk subscribe to magazines.

OK, not even drunk. It's just a late-night thing where my brain falls out at about 10pm and days or weeks later I see what I got up to. Most recently? Subscriptions to Flare and Chatelaine magazines. (*What's interesting about this is that I already bought this month's Flare because it has Emily "Revenge!!!" VanCamp on the cover, so now I have two copies of it).

Will Emily teach us all her secrets of Revenge (!!!) ?
I mean, that's worth $3.99 or whatever, right?

Anyway, Chatelaine also just arrived at my house so apparently I got some sort of late-night subscription for both. Chatelaine, if you aren't Canadian or have never been to the dentist's office, is a sensible Canadian magazine with like, parenting tips and recipes and essays about what it's like to be a Canadian parent who cooks, or whatever. Also, sensible fashion tips. Basically, it's good for when you're waiting anxiously in the dentist's office waiting room, too nervous about your upcoming filling to really read anything of substance.

Chatelaine: "A magazine for Canadian women"

Is this frugal? No. Would I have bought even one copy of Chatelaine this year? Probably not. But, in the grand scheme of things, I'm enjoying the randomness of this. I like to think that, for some reason, my subsconscious thinks that it will be beneficial for me to read Chatelaine and Flare every month this year. It will certainly add some more wholesomeness to my magazine life (on top of my not-so-guilty pleasure subscription to Cosmopolitan).

Cosmopolitan: I just read it for the articles, I swear.
And the pictures. And the LOLs.

I think, in order to justify this whole thing, I will every month feature something new I learned from each magazine. That will make it all OK, right? And not like a waste of money? Coming up later this month:

Flare teaches us how to emotionally detox, Chatelaine shows us simply delish meals with just three ingredients, and Cosmo will explain the story behind the headline "My gyno talked to my vagina!"

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