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Jour 58: The bigger you are, the more money you save


Because who doesn't want to be a slightly-demonic looking mod 60s French schoolgirl?

So, today I was out browsing around, you know, running errands etc. when I fell into the temptation of Springtime Clothes. I blame Pinterest for this, as there are now a number of things I'm thinking about wanting, like neon coloured jeans and dresses with white collars.

Anyway, don't worry, again my guardian angel (Gail Vaz-Oxlade) was looking out for me and my budget because none of the things I tried on fit me. And this is when I realized that it's way more frugal being size 14/16 than it was being size 8/10. Because things always come in size 8/10 but 14/16 is rarer. I've gone from M/L to L/XL, which limits my selection.


I really have no issues with being a L/XL. Super fabulosity comes in all sizes
(and ages! Check out this lady and others on Advanced Style for some senior citizen fabulosity)

If there's one thing I've learned in the last year and a bit, it's that when there's nothing stopping me from buying something - I will buy it. So I think I may try and maintain this size 14/16 physique in order to stay on my budget.

No, that's a lie. I think that, knowing there are cute things out there in size M/L that I can't wear might motivate me to start exercising. Maybe? I was even going to go to the gym today (for the first time in ~6 months) but then I couldn't find my membership card so I wound up doing some exercises from magazines. This at-home gym stuff is pretty great, because you can exercise, then have a snack, then check your email, then do more exercises, then check Facebook, exercise, Twitter, exercise, snack, blog, exercise, etc.


Ooh, maybe I can get a hula hoop for home exercising!
It won't be an annoying as jump rope for my neighbours, I suspect.

I was thinking of doing a March fitness thing, where I exercise every day in March to see if it really does anything. My limited exposure to exercise thus far hasn't shown any noticeable results, but that could be because I usually exercise once every few months.

And I think it's also OK that, after going around and not fitting into cute clothes, that I bought myself a tube of Viva Glam Nicki lipstick because DAMMIT I NEEDED A PICK-ME-UP THAT WAS DEPRESSING. Luckily, the lipstick is supercute.

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