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Jour 57: And the winner is... link love!

Bjork's Swan dress
Best Oscars dress ever? Um, OBVIOUSLY.

I luuuurve the Oscars. The red carpet, the dresses, the bad jokes, the boring speeches, the tribute to dead people... And whose genius idea was it to get rid of the Debbie Allen choreographed interpretive dances to the nominated scores? That was the BEST PART and so much better than yet another montage of "Look! Here are clips from movies that had fruit in them!" or whatever.

If you want to get my play-by-play of all the Oscars chitter chatter, I'm going to be a panelist on Fashionable People, Questionable Things' live blog! Check it out here, starting at... whenever the red carpet starts. 7pm, or whatever. I'll also multitask by tweeting my thoughts @annhepburn - oh, and also I'll be hosting an Oscars party. I promise to entertain everybody equally!

And the link luuurve goes to...

Best Blog By Someone Whose Life I Want To Steal: Plan A, the wife of a Cirque de Soleil technician, who is blogging as she travels the world with her hubs. Her most recent post about giving up chips for Lent makes me... want to eat chips, actually. A lot.

Best Reminder That Working In A Library Can Sometimes Be Sketchy: These Are My Words Man's post about how to best decline date offers from people whose books you are signing out. Is it anti-feminist to say "I have a boyfriend," or just smart self-defense?

Best Use Of 80s Young Adult Novel Covers: Find me Frugal(er), who muses on the financial messages of her fav young adult books from her youth.

Best DIY: This was a tough category, but Euxodia Friday wins with the simplicity and fashionableness of her turning socks into armwarmers craft.

Best Reminder That Wine Is Equally Important As A Fire Extinguisher: Frugal Beautiful's list of things every single girl should have.

Best Giveaway: Beautiful Giveaways is giving away a gorgeous FashionABLE scarf. FashionABLE makes gorgeous scarves that give back- to keep the women of Ethiopia in sustainable work in order to fight human trafficking and poverty. 

And this year's Shopping Detox Lifetime Achievement Award for All-Around Excellence goes to... Gail Vaz-Oxlade! Did you know she's not only a bestselling author and popular TV host, but also writes great blog entries all the time? This one, about the importance of smiling, was particularly fun.

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