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Jour 56: Renting vs. buying, round one

Hey, everybody! This is a quick blog b/c I'm still gathering my thoughts about this,the epic battle between renting and buying.

Audrey Hepburn's apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany's has forever made me think that the height of sophistication is a teeny tiny apartement in an old building. With a sofa made of half a tub.

I was driving home today with a coworker my age whose life is a lot like mine, and yet, so totally different from mine. She's in the process of selling her condo, and we wound up discussing sums of money like $250,000 and $195,000 like it ain't no thang. She asked me if I'd consider buying a condo, and I was like, "perhaps one day, when I have any money whatsoever."

Like, it's beyond even my super powered imagines to even conceive of spending $200,000 on anything, when I still have panic attacks every month whether or not my debit will be declined for a $10 grocery purchase.

So, before I write a proper, researched post, what do you guys think about renting vs owning? My first thought is that by renting, I don't have to worry about any maintenance things. I just report an issue, then come home and it's been magically fixed by Edgar, my incredibly sweet building maintenance fairy. When you own, from what I understand, when something breaks you have to spend lots of money and fix it yourself.

Enough of my talk, what do you guys think? Am I crazy for preferring renting? Is it horrifying that I'm a grown up professional and sometimes I run out of grocery money? Who do you think will win the Oscar for best picture tomorrow?? (better be The Artist, is all I'm saying... Best movie EVER!!)

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