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Jour 55: How dentists help you save money and lose weight


I have one or two unpleasant dentist memories from childhood. OK, more like 8 or 10.

I went to the dentist today. Not to brag (OK, totally bragging) this is my second ever cavity in my entire life. I used to think I was just better about brushing and flossing than other people, but the truth is that people with very good oral hygiene get cavities, too.

But still, I'm pretty proud of this and I suspect it may reveal that I'm genetically superior (*Note: I did also have horrendous braces for years, and my mouth is too small for all my teeth, but that's just the down-side of being genetically superior)

It's hard for mutants like me and Wolverine. However, our love keeps us strong.

So anyway, I had to get a filling today. And what I thought I remembered from my other filling (3 years ago) was that I popped by, had a nice chat with the dentist, they poured some stuff into my teeth and I headed out. Now, it may have been that simple last time because it was just a tiny little proto-cavity. Alternately, it was JUST AS SCARY last time but I blocked it out because of PTSD.

For the record, a filling involves THREE needles, half your mouth/tongue being frozen, lots of drilling noises, and a scary rubber dam clamped into your mouth with forceps. If the dentist's office didn't have TV and my dentist wasn't the nicest woman in the world, I might have run out of there screaming.


Well, if this cartoon dentist recommends it, then I'm sure this is a good idea.

What's the frugal part? Well, not the filling, that's for sure (it was like $180). Buuut I had been thinking, "Since I'm downtown anyway, I might as well go by and see the new Viva Glam Nicki lipstick at MAC and maybe get a soy chai latte at Starbucks and maybe buy a panini sandwich..." NOT SO FAST.

"How long will this freezing last?" I asked, casually, after looking at my face in the mirror to ensure my mouth did not actually look as big as it felt (my face felt huge, but looked normal). "A few hours," was the dentist's vague response.


I should have read literature like this beforehand, to remind myself that dentists aren't really scary.

I imagined myself going into Starbucks and ordering a drink with half a mouth, or chatting with the MAC salesladies and trying on lipstick with have a mouth. I couldn't even imaging half a mouth eating a panini sandwich and so? I went home, saving both money (I had lots of soft foods to eat at home) and being healthy (home food is healthier than sugary hot drinks and panini sandwiches).

Even though I felt like I'd been through this VERY UNPLEASANT THING, and therefore felt like I deserved a nice treat, I still went home to drown my sorrows in some homemade scrambled eggs. Now that I think about it anyway, the Viva Glam Nicki lipstick is similar to other fluorescent pink lipsticks I already own, so... money saved, teeth back to immaculate condition, life lesson learned.

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