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Jour 54: Cougar Town Sick Day

There really is a pinup girl picture for any theme.
Poor sick pinup girl.

Hey guys. So, I'm home sick today and not in that Julie & Julia way where she faked being sick to cook beuf bourgignon but everybody knew it was a lie because she stupidly blogged about it.

Legit sick day. Today's Sick Day discovery is the show Cougar Town which I've heard is great for a long time, but I wasn't sure if I could start watching now, or if I had to go back and do seasons 1 and 2 first. But Sick Days are good for catching up, and now I've done season 1 and am fully on board with the cul-de-sac crew and their ginormoid wine glasses.

Yeah, they drink a lot of wine on this show. It's pretty great.

And I got tagged again! This time by Make Love Not Debt with some interesting and weird questions, so let's get it on, Sick Day style! (Again, not with boeuf bourgignon)

Have you ever been ripped off and for how much? 
Kinda, and it's a fun story. Maybe 10 years ago, I looked at my bank account balance and it was like $3000 more than it should have been. So, I called the bank and they were like, "Yeah, that's weird. Are you sure you don't want to keep that money? Ha ha ha," and anyway, it turns out there was like a ring of ATM bandits who had stuck FAKE ATM CARD SLOTS onto legitimate ATMs and they were figuring out peoples' PIN codes.

My question was, "...and then they put money into peoples' bank accounts? Like Robin Hood?" But no. I guess they made fake deposits, and then made withdrawals (this was not a particularly smart plan, especially when they got their hands on my 20-year-old-self's bank account, which had a balance of like -$200 so they couldn't just withdraw $3000 with no questions asked).

It all worked itself out. I wish I'd gotten to keep the $3000, though.

Oh, the things I could have done with that $3000...
Like buy more hair curling things, and a fancy dress, and a giant pinup girl original painting.

Do you have pets? Are they awesome? 
Hepburn the Wonder Cat! She is beyond awesome, and sitting on my legs right now.

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? 
OK, Google tells me this is some kind of famous question? Possibly having to do with Monty Python? And the website answers it. I... don't understand at all. I'm sorry, I don't get Monty Python.

Why are most childrens musicians terrible?
The clothes. They dress in a way that they think appeals to children, but actually does not appeal to any human. 

An exception are The Wiggles. They always look well put together.

What’s the most offensive thing about the $5 bill? 
Assuming this is an American question, because the Canadian $5 bill is quite charming. I will say that the problem with all American currency is that it's all the same colour. That's confusing, you guys. When I went to the US I'm pretty sure I used a $20 bill to buy something I should have used a $5 bill for, and got change back as though I'd spent a $5 bill. Just confusing.

Canadian $5 bill: classy, not the same colour as any other bill, not confusing, pretty great!

Prior to Jeremy Lin’s current basketball greatness, he was staying on his brother’s couch because he didn’t have a definitive contract with the New York Knicks. Was the couch long enough to fit an out-stretched Jeremy Lin? 
I imagine he stretched his legs off the edge, maybe? Or hopefully it had a pull-out bed for him. I'd hate to think about anyone being that squished up.

Which reminds me of when I moved into an apartment a few years ago, and I stayed there for like a week before I could get my bed moved. I slept on a makeshift mattress made out of a pile of my own clothes. A pile of my own clothes. So you can make do with anything if you have to.

What’s the least you’ve purchased with $100?
The least? So like, one expensive thing that cost $100? All the expensive silly things I can think of cost more like $150-$200 so this is tricky. So I'll say... probably a haircut, at some point. But with a cut and colour it's for sure more than $100 each time. Especially if you have long hair.

This is the new Canadian $100 bill, which is made of plastic. I have not seen one in person, because I am not rich and do not work in a bank.

What’s a reasonable amount of money to spend at a strip club? 
Well, this depends on whether you plan to go there just to drink, or to eat and drink, or to eat and drink and also pay strippers. Let's say you're doing all three - I'd say that $500 would be reasonable. If you're really rich, and the food (and strippers) are of fairly high quality.

How much do you tip the bartender? Really? That’s it?
Is this still at the strip club? I guess I usually tip them whatever the change is, usually. I'm sorry. But I usually just get one drink, which costs about the same as a coffee, and of $0.25 is an OK tip for a coffee than I think it's OK for one drink (which costs the same anyway). Please, I'm sure they make enough money off of everybody else they don't need my hard-earned cash.

I would probably tip this lady a bit more, because that outfit does not look comfortable.

How much would you pay for the perfect hamburger? 
My standards are not that high for hamburgers. In fact, I really, really like McDonald's and Dairy Queen and Wendy's and all fast food hamburgers (I think this is because I was denied having them throughout most of my childhood). So, I'd say $1.99 is reasonable.

Is an iPad worth it?
SO TOTALLY YES! God, I want one. I don't have any specific use for it (I have a good laptop, I don't travel very often) but when I get to play with other peoples' it's SO FUN! Sigh.

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