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Jour 53: Instant karma?

I'm not talking to my curling wand at the moment.

So... remember how I bought a curling wand at the sex fair?

Today, I totally burned my fingers on it. IN MY OWN DEFENCE, the hot part is the same pink colour as the handle part, so it's tough to tell which part is which.

However, I feel like this is maybe some sort of karmic retribution for me blowing my budget to buy this thing. Like I'm paying the price for being impulsive and vain.

That being said, I'm pretty sure I won't make that mistake again. And that being said, The Beauty Department just put up a timely tutorial for how to use a curling wand.

In unrelated news: bantu knots are a great heatless way to curl your hair! It worked out great, was way more comfy than sleeping on rollers, and didn't burn my fingers. All you need are bobby pins and great YouTube tutorial like this one!

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