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Jour 51: Is being ladylike more frugal?


The icon of ladylike elegance: Audrey Hepburn

So, my main sartorial inspirations (Zooey Deschanel, Duchess Kate, Lauren Conrad, Audrey Hepburn) all have gorgeous hair, talent with an eyeliner brush, and a very ladylike graciousness. Not only are they frugal and gorgeous, but they have enviable amounts of ladylike gracefulness about them.

So I couldn't help but think, is being ladylike more frugal? </Carrie Bradshaw>


*Note: Carrie Bradshaw had some ladylike moments, but she also went grocery shopping in hotpants.

1) Zooey, Kate, Lauren and Audrey always dress in a pulled-together, chic manner with classic wardrobe staples. Frugal or not?



Dressing in classic pieces may mean spending a bit more at the onset, but these pieces will a) last longer than cheaper clothes, b) can be worn for way longer than trendier pieces and c) work better on their own. Well-made, classic pieces stand on their own, so you don't need to load up on accessories, which also can save money.

2) Zooey, Kate, Lauren and Audrey live healthy, responsible adult lifestyles including healthy eating and exercising - but not to the exclusion of other fun things. Frugal or not?



Eating healthily and exercising regularly keeps your body in good shape, which makes you less prone to sickness. Not obsessing about food and exercise (a la more muscular/emaciated celebrities) makes you more easygoing, in general.

3) Zooey, Kate, Lauren and Audrey behave with a careful, polite, and considerate manner. Frugal or not?



Being polite and courteous encourages others to behave towards you in a polite manner, which makes every day less stressful (which saves you on health costs, too, because you will be less likely to have a tooth-grinding or evereating problem if you're under less stress.) (*In my non-medical, random opinion) Being polite and courteous also means less risk of being sued (not frugal)  and makes the world a much lovelier place.

More ladylike tips:

Zooey, Kate, Lauren and Audrey dress in a modest-yet-cute manner. This means less money spent on ridiculous underwear (i.e. strapless, backless bras; crazy underpants) because everything's covered up and you can wear whatever you like on the inside. Also less risk of a wardrobe malfunction - which isn't necessarily frugal, but also useful.

For more about how to be a lady, Lauren Conrad's been blogging Ladylike Laws; or check out the book How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World, or try the Emily Post or Miss Manners websites for more tips on ladylike etiquette.

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