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Jour 48: Choose my own adventure: hot rollers vs. hair waver

She may be crazypants and marblemouthed and possibly psychotic, but Fake!Amanda from Revenge has the best hair on all of TV right now. Which is why I require new curling implements.

Hi guys! So, there are 2 things that I want to buy, and I don't know if I should or not.

So, since I'm still in the midst of reprogramming my shopaholic instincts, I am leaving this decision entirely in the hands of Shopping Detox Nation. It worked out well when I couldn't decide on a Halloween costume (and you guys voted for Lucille Ball, which turned out great), so I will again trust y'alls.


Apparently, hot rollers were the secret to Farrah Fawcett's famous locks.

PROS: I don't already own any. This is one piece of hair styling artillery that I don't own yet. I already have three flatirons, one curling iron, and a set of hair curlers.

CONS: Would I actually use them? Don't know.

PROS: I can use these to easily curl my hair whilst multitasking. Using a curling iron takes all of your attention; using hair curlers is time-consuming and you have to wait for your hair to dry. From what I understand about hot rollers, you can put them into dry hair, do your makeup, then shake them out and your hair is amazeballs.

PROS: They have pearl in them, which sounds cool. Also, they are pink.

COST: Approx. $40

Apparently, Amanda Seyfried's TO DIE FOR hair in Mamma Mia! was achieved with a hair waver

PROS: Gives you a cool tousled curly hair look.

CONS: How do you even use it? No idea.

PROS: I could learn how to use it. Possibly easier to use than a normal curling iron?

COST: Approx. $40


So, what do you guys think? Choose your own adventure:

a) Buy both! They're both great investments, and not too expensive.

b) Buy the curlers! They will save time and also curlers are retro cool.

c) Buy the two-pronged iron! It looks cool and may be handy.

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