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Jour 46: I will not pay $100 to switch phones... or will I?


SpongeBob PhoneFace!

So, I'm still impatiently waiting for the contract to run out on my old-skool non-smart phone. Only 4 months! And once the contract is up, I can do a whole switcheroo thing where I bundle it with my phone and save money and probably get an IPHONE!

As I may have mentioned before, my danger zone is anytime after 10pm on the internet. I am capable of making any number of poor decisions after 10pm, including: purchasing magazine subscriptions I forget about until the magazines show up, jewellery I will never wear, and clothes that seem like a good idea at 10pm but that I never actually wear.

Yes, this owl ring is cute. Yes, I own one.
But remember how I hate wearing rings? Yeah, so it sits in a box and I've never worn it.
Damn you, 10pm!!

So, last night I was looking up to see if it would be possible to end my phone contract early and IT IS! It just costs $100. After 10pm, that's nothing. Totally reasonable!

You guys, I just really want an iPhone. I don't know why, exactly. Is it because Zooey Deschanel uses one on New Girl so I think having one will make my hair bouncier? Is it because I keep reading about apps I'd like to have, and I don't have anything to host an app on, so I feel out of touch with the entire universe? I don't know why, I JUST WANT ONE SO MUCH.

And you can make it to rotary dialling!

But then... I kind of like being out of step with the rest of the universe. When I'm riding on the bus, everybody else is being all texty texty text text and when I'm in the store, everybody's like texty text and at work, tables full of teens are sitting there like texty text we no longer talk with our mouths text text and it's kinda annoying, frankly.

And I know that if I had a smartphone, I'd spent all my time looking at emails (even though I don't get that many) and Facebook (even though my friends don't send that many updates) and looking at internet things, and I'd probably read less books and pay attention to the world a little less. This is not a guess - I used to have a Blackberry (until I spilled shower cleaner on it and it died a slow, agonizing death).

So, whatever. I'll keep considering things between now and June, and be careful not to click anything phone-related after 10pm.

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NGS said...

I just got a smartphone two weeks ago. I can't stop myself from using it for everything (including reading this post and replying to it). My husband got an iphone and he loves it. The wait will be worth it, for sure!

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