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Jour 42: Still a girl in tights

Hey, guys!

So, FYI, I'm still doing my February challenge of 29 Days of Tights. I've been tweeting pictures everyday of the day's tights, which you can see if you follow my twitter (@annhepburn)

Observations thus far in the project:

1) When I take pictures of my legs, you can really see how much cat fur there is on my tights.
2) I've gotten better at taking pictures of my legs during this project, although it still feels vaguely like I'm shooting myself for some sort of tights fetish website.
3) I have gained some new Twitter followers who are, in fact, tights fetishists
4) I have more black tights than I thought I did
5) Wearing fluorescent green tights to work will cause more comments than just about anything else
6) I kinda miss pants (though today I wore tights under jeans because it's so cold out!)

28 days to go!

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