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Jour 40: Tag, I'm it!


Why don't kids dress like this anymore? People, buy your kids kneesocks and sweaters.
For me, please?

Now, I know that you obviously visit this website for my sound financial advice, not to read silly posts about ridiculous things. But I hope you will make this exception, because I love this stuff!

I've been double-tagged!

Carla from My Half Dozen Daily and Jessie from Confessions of a Resolutionist both tagged me in this fun thing that's been making the rounds. They each sent 11 questions for me to answer, but since I was double-tagged, I will do 6 questions from each (that is my rule I just invented).


6 Questions from Carla!

1. If you had to wear one colour for the rest of your life, which would it be & why?

Black! But that would be very, very sad because I'm a superfan of colours. Still, if I chose my favourite colours (red or fuschia), I'd look basically insane 99% of the time. If you're wearing only one colour, black is the way to go.

Wait, is this a trick question? Isn't black not really a colour or something...? In which case, fuschia.

2. Coffee, tea, or neither? Favourite flavour?

I LURRRVE COFFEE SO MUCH. Sadly, my delicate constitution can't handle caffeine so I have to avoid it - sometimes I get a decaf (but not after lunchtime, because then it keeps me awake) (My constitution sucks sometimes). Ergo, tea is my drink of choice (Earl Grey or mint green tea).

Actually, scratch that. My hot drink of choice is hot chocolate. That's not very French, is it? I should develop a taste for mulled wine or something.

3. Do you play any instruments? If not, do you regret not learning?

I played saxophone in junior high! I was not very committed to practicing, and it wasn't as much fun as I had expected (I chose saxophone because my favourite character of Jem & the Holograms was Jetta, who played the saxophone).

Eventually, I got too annoyed carrying the inconveniently-sized case to and from school, and happily quit.

4. Smartphone or "old school" phone?

I wish I had a smartphone! I have an old skool phone for now, but when my contract expires in June, LOOK OUT IPHONE 5! (Yes, I know there isn't an iPhone 5 yet, but maybe in June there will be!!)

5. How long have you been blogging for?

This blog has been going for... 405 days. Before that, I had a private blog to entertain my friends. That is how I cut my teeth in learning to be hilarious and wise.

6. Do you *LOVE* your job? I mean really love your job? Or is it "just a paycheck"?

I really do love my job! Being a Librarian is perfect for me. I get to wear cute outfits, I get first pick of the new books and DVDs, and basically, it's the best job ever. 


6 Questions from Jessie:

1. Where is someplace you have always wanted to visit?

Paris!! OK, so I went there when I was a kid but all I remember is how happy I was to find a McDonald's (it took awhile for me to develop appreciation for foreign things). (To be fair, we weren't allowed to eat McDonald's at home, so eating in a Paris McDonald's was kind of living the dream for 10-year-old moi)

2. Do you get sick often?

I do not! I have mutant super-genes. This is because, when my mother was a little kid, she was pumped full of so many antibiotics that she became resistant to ALL DISEASE. I believe that, like how in Planet of the Apes, Caesar had the smart-ape drug passed along from his mother? I have also inherited MUTANT SUPER-GENES.

That being said, when I get sick, I get SICKSICK (see: the tonsillitis incident of last year). No colds or flus for me, though. Just HARDCORE ILLESS (but only extremely occasionally).

3. If you could live next-door to anyone alive or dead, who would you want to live next to?

You'd think I'd say Audrey Hepburn, but that's not true - mainly because she's much thinner than me and so we couldn't share clothes. And therefore, I choose Zooey Deschanel. Yes, she's also probably much smaller than me but... maybe not? I just want to share her clothes and learn how she makes her hair so shiny, and I bet she'd throw fun dinner parties all the time.

4. Do you have any pets?

Yes, my cat, Hepburn, is my best little furry pal. I know it's kind of annoying when people act like their cats have personalities like people... but Hepburn is this little flirtatious, affectionate, divalicious amazing daring brave and adorable little cat.

'sup, blogosphere!

5. What is your favorite genre to read?

Young Adult books! Especially Young Adult chick lit. I just finished reading Stephanie Perkins' Lola and the Boy Next Door and I literally hugged the book when I finished. If there's a cute boy and a fun girl and kissing, then I am going to love the book.

6. If you could choose only one TV show to watch during the week, which one would you choose?

Revenge (!!!). I live for this show right now. It's the one show that I look forward to every week. Second runner-up is Parks & Rec. Third place is Project Runway. Fourth place is RuPaul's Drag Race. Fifth place is Pretty Little Liars.

OK, this is a hard question, especially once Mad Men is back on in March - that throws off my whole schematic. Luckily, there's DVR.

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