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Jour 39: Frugal child-rearing tips from 1975

Ta da!
Just like in The Princess Diaries, except unlike Anne Hathaway post-makeover, I don't have crazy pouffy hair or way too much eyeshadow.

Do you like the new look??

**blog twirls around to show you all its pretty new colours**

Niki from Debt Free By 30 designed it for me. If you want a cute blog (and you use the Blogger template) you should totally drop her a line. She's a design genius.

Having never met Niki in person, here is an artistic rendering of what I think she looked like while designing this blog layout. Nice stockings, Niki!

In other news, are you guys familiar with the website Awful Library Books? It features very weird old library books still circulating at some unfortch libraries somewhere in the world. This recent title seemed apt for discussion: How To Bring Up A Child Without Spending A Fortune (in 1975).

Now, I totally understand that if you made the wrong decision between dogs, cats and babies and had a baby, that you want to try and raise it as cheaply as possible. That being said... choices for raising children should possibly be made out of what's best for the child, rather than what's cheapest for the parents.

Anyway, some of the book tips include borrowing books from the library, rather than buying them (I agree - frugal, and that's what libraries are for!), buy a recording of favourite books so you don't have to read them over and over (my childhood memories of babysitting while watching Aladdin for the 574th time agrees this is a good idea), and get a budget circumcision for only $15! (OK, that last one may be the price in 1975 but in any case, you don't want to cut costs on anything involving surgery).

Also - why in the author picture is her son called "J.R." in quotation marks? Is she trying to preserve his/her anonymity? Why am I suddenly overrun with the urge to see how little "J.R." is doing 35 years after his $15 circumcision?

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