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Jour 38: It's hard out there for a Librarian (actually, it's totally not)

So, today I'm just dealing with the usual stuff, you know - what to eat for dinner, which tights to wear, and oh yeah, what should I do with these GIANT NOVELTY-SIZED MAD MEN CIGARETTE LIGHTER DVD CASES?

Doo doo... doo doo... (OK, so the Mad Men theme song isn't that catchy)
Falling man... old-timey advertisements... doo ch-doo doo, doo ch-doo doo

OK, so there aren't actual Mad Men DVDs inside of these cases, but that's not the point. The point is I work at the Library, the Library got new copies of Mad Men season one, and I got to take these cases home! I'm thinking maybe super-stylin' bookends?

Do they look like normal size cigarette lighters? OK, here's an image to scale:

Mad Men novelty-sized cigarette lighter DVD cases gazing at Bea Danville

And what did y'all get for free today at work? Some pens? A cup of coffee? fGirl, please. 

Oh, and FYI, people in Saskatoon? The library has new copies of season 1 Mad Men if you want to do that up marathon-style while you wait for the season premiere on March 25!!

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