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Jour 36: Oddly springlike link luuurve


Fake spring! Puddles and being lulled into a false sense of springiness.
I'm sure it'll be -40 again next week, but for now, puddles!

Is it weirdly springlike where you live, too? I was wearing boots and tights today (follow my Twitter to see today's installment of 29 Days of Tights) and my feet were crying out for lighter shoes. Plus, I unbuttoned my coat and took off my mittens and didn't even wear a hat! Winter in Saskatchewan, what?

Also, there's some sort of football thing happening today but I don't know what that's all about.

Linky dinks!

A Thrifty Mrs shows us her ingenius use of vintage suitcases for storage. So cute! Need to do something like that around here so I can have my own Thrifty Towers.

The Reluctant Retiree tracks the winter migratory patterns of senior citizens.

Is this not the cutest camera-carrying bag ever? Deb from Always Thinking is a craftastic genius and shows you how to make your own camera purse!

I'm totes on board with Jenifesto's rant about people who can't understand Starbucks cup sizing. Seriously, it's 2012. And if you order a "medium" you'll get a "grande" and it all still works out, mmkay?

Frugal Beautiful to the rescue! I've just begun experimenting with making smoothies at home, and here she is with her smoothie recipe for healthy meals!

Ella from My Year Without Wasting Money, sounds like she has the cutest hair ever. Wish mine was curly like hers, then I could have frugal hair like her!

And A Fistful of Dollars proves that granny carts are the best way to grocery shop ever!


And thanks to Squirrelers, who chose my post Marilyn Monroe: Frugal Icon? as one of their editor's picks for the Festival of Frugality #320!

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