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Jour 37: Frugal Valentine's Day ideas from classic film

You need look no further than classic film to find thrifty, fab ideas for Valentine's Day!

So, there are lots of great articles out there about how to spend a frugal Valentine's day (either solo, or with a companion of your choice). Go ahead, google them... because this is not one of those articles.

This is about how to channel the most romantic gestures from classic film into super-fun and thrifty things to do (either solo, or with companion(s) of your choice) on Feb 14!


Inspiration: A Walk To Remember

Plot summary: Bad boy Shane West wins the heart of preacher's daughter Mandy Moore, then it turns out (SPOILER) she's dying of cancer. So, he proceeds to help her go through all of the items on her bucket list in as sweet a manner as possible (i.e. she doesn't get a real tattoo, she gets a stick-on tattoo, but he's cute enough it works for her)

What to do: Help him/her through his/her bucket list! Make it as silly as possible, finding thrifty ways to achieve all of the goals (i.e. if he/she wants to go skydiving, put on outfits and jump off of the side of the sofa. If you are cute/handsome enough, this will go well for you.) (This bucket list scenario was also seen recently on Parks & Rec)

Estimated cost: Varies, depending on the bucket list. But you could do most things from anyone's list fairly cheaply, assuming you're handsome/cute enough.

Inspiration: Beauty and the Beast 


Plot summary: Pretty bookworm Belle agrees to stay prisoner in the enchanted castle of misunderstood ex-bad-boy Beast. Proximity (and a plethora of singing kitchen utensils) pave the way to true love!

What to do: Take him/her to the Library! Beast starts to win Belle's heart when he takes her to his gigantic Library. Libraries are inherently romantic, seriously. (Remember when SJP almost gets married in a Library in the first Sex and the City movie?)

Estimated cost: Free! Unless the Library is far from where you live, in which case you might need bus fare.

Inspiration: Dawson's Creek

Plot summary: OK, so this is a TV show but it's still totes romantic. Sidekick Pacey falls for leading lady Joey and, even though all of fandom and all of the writers had meant for her to wind up with Dawson, Joshua Jackson's teenage charisma won Katie Holmes' pre-Scientology heart to the point that adult women still swoon when they see Joshua Jackson in ANYTHING.

What to do: Give her a wall. Seriously. Joey was an artist, and so Pacey bought her a wall so she could be as creative as she wanted. This was the moment that the entire internet fell in love with Joshua Jackson.

Estimated cost: OK, probably kind of costly. Unless you can work out some sort of deal with a local business who wants a mural painted anyway. Then you might get paid for doing this!

Inspiration: Love Actually

Plot summary: A variety of English people fall in and out of love during the Christmas season.

What to do: Hold up signs for him/her to read which explain your feelings. So yeah, when that guy surprised Keira Knightley with the signs, you knew he was never going to win her heart because a) she was newly married to another guy and b) the guy she married was black (and no mainstream movie will let somebody leave a black man for a white man). But you totally wanted her skinny, midriff-sweater-wearing-at-the-end-of-December character to at least kiss this guy. Rather than holding up signs at her door, stalker-style, you could wake him/her up and hold up cue cards with messages on them.

Estmated cost: Can be free, assuming you have access to paper at your workplace. You could also do this on a napkin (borrowed from a restaurant) or use paper pulled from a recycling bin in a public place. Or the inside of a cereal box. As long as you own a sharpie, this could be quite free.

Inspiration: Moulin-Rouge/10 Things I Hate About You

Plot summary: Showgirl with TB falls in love with idealistic young writer, then dies/ feminist high schooler is wooed by a teenage Heath Ledger.

What to do: Surprise your honey with a serenade. You don't necessarily need to be a good singer, as long as you are handsome enough (see #1, or watch this clip of Heath Ledger selling it with lots of charisma but questionable music ability:)

Estimated cost: Could be free (unless you hire a marching band, like Heath, or if you rent a giant elephant, like in Moulin-Rouge). This may cost your pride, depending on how good a singer you really are.

Inspiration: The Notebook

I chose this pic because there's more to this film than the kissing-in-the-rain scene.

Plot summary: Grown-up Ryan Gosling (played by James Garner) tells his Alzheimers-stricken wife Rachel McAdams (played by Gena Rowlands) the story of their luuurve. Lots of flashbacks of Ryan Gosling in his star-making role, looking superhot in a newsboy cap and/or beard.

What to do: You have two options here. First, you could build him/her a house. If you don't have lots of money or carpentry skills, you could make it out of popsicle sticks or something. Alternately, read him/her your love story out loud. That could be fun (unless there is Alzheimer's involved, in which case it's sweet and tear-jerking)

Estimated cost: Varies.

Inspiration: Romeo & Juliet/Shakespeare in Love

If you weren't swoony over Claire in Leo in 1996, then you weren't in high school in 1996.
With me. Down the street from the movie theatre. Studying Romeo & Juliet in English class.

Plot summary: Two people who shouldn't fall in love, fall in love. Things end poorly.

What to do: Dance in costume and/or masks. You could also look at each other through a fishtank. Or kiss on stage in front of hundreds of people. Or write a play, dedicated to your true love.

Estimated cost: Varies. Or you could just get either film from the local Library (free!) or rent it from iTunes or Netflix, and snuggle in and be happy your love story probably won't involve so much murder.

Inspiration: Say Anything...

This behaviour would be considered stalking, UNLESS YOU ARE TEENAGE JOHN CUSACK.
Then it's just super-dreamy.
Plot summary: Slacker highschooler John Cusack woos overachiever Ione Skye, despite her overprotective father (Frasier's Dad).

What to do: Hold up an iPod outside of their window. Yes, OK, so Penn Badgley did this in Easy A also, but it's still effective. And easier than hoisting a boombox.

Estimated cost: Free (assuming you already own an iPod. If not, you could buy a boombox from a thrift store for like, $1)

Inspiration: Any movie or TV show ever

I couldn't not include this iconic moment from The Notebook.

What to do: Kiss in the rain! If it rains on Valentine's Day, then you're set. Just make sure you have somewhere nice and warm to go after you're done kissing (because I don't care where you live, kissing in the rain in February eventually gets pretty chilly. Or so I hear.)

** there is a store in town called FOR LOVERS ONLY and I think it's the greatest store name ever. So, this is the FOR LOVAHS ONLY memorial post. Go buy some feather ticklers or vinyl socks or something, support local business.

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