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Jour 35: Produce: the one thing it's OK to spend lots of money on

Fruit is sexy!

I recently came across this great post on Brip Blap with some tips for how the author lost like 100 lbs. (Not that I want to lost 100 lbs, but I do want to be a healthier sort of person and his advice is pretty solid.)

Anyway, one of his points is that You cannot – I repeat, cannot – spend too much money on your health. And this goes along with one of my age-old shopping rules, which is that I'm allowed to buy as many fruits and veg as I want even if they aren't on my budget.

One of the mistakes I keep making, however, is getting very enthusiastic in the produce department and/or farmer's market, buying lots of beautiful, interesting produce... which then sits in my crisper (or on my kitchen table) until it wilts and rots and gets all smelly.


Why are those oranges so big? Why are her feet so small?
Where can I get a pair of boots like that?

Enter: FROZEN PRODUCE. Well, you can buy it frozen or just buy fresh stuff and freeze it. This works well with my kind of scattershot menu planning where I think of like, three meals I can make, buy ingredients for all three, and 2/3 of the ingredients go bad before I get a chance to cook them.

The challenge: MY FREEZER IS REALLY SMALL. So, I need to plan proportionately.

I've also been inspired by the Brip Blap piece to try out having smoothies for breakfast. I just bought a blender (you may have noticed that my old-skool shopping counter has reset itself, this shopping trip is why). But here's the thing: the blender is a special tiny apartment-sized smoothie blender that cost $29.99. And I figured that having it on my counter where I can see it will make me use it more. Also, it's super-easy to use (kind of like a ripoff of the Magic Bullet style, where you can drink right out of what you've mixed it in). If I was attempting this with my bulky, hard-to-clean food processor, I'd probably give up right away.


I would probably also give up if I had to carry the fruit in a bowl on my head, while topless.

Anyway. I'm starting off with smoothies I know I'll like - containing frozen strawberries, bananas, vanilla yogurt and chocolate almond milk. Eventually I'm going to try adding some vegetables (i.e. carrots or spinach or something), but only after this has become a habit.

Is this frugal? Actually, kind of yes. Fruits and vegetables are always cheaper than anything else in the grocery store. And I bought real frozen fruit, not those bags of smoothie powder where you just add water.

What about you guys? Any tips for a smoothie newb?

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