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My Week With Marilyn: the Shopping Detox review

Hey, remember how I wrote this thing about how Marilyn Monroe was secretly a frugal, bookish minimalist?

That kind of coloured my experience of the very good new movie, My Week With Marilyn (starring Michelle Williams, for whom I once made a latte**).

- when I saw her with Arthur Miller, I was like, "She dyed her veil with coffee for their wedding!" But the movie shows how Arthur Miller was kind of a jerk, so now I feel even more justified in really disliking Death of a Salesman. He made her cry, and is therefore dead to me. (I guess he's dead to everybody, or at least has been since 2005, but you know what I mean.)

Dougray Scott does a good job portraying THE WORST HUSBAND EVER, Arthur Miller.

- as I noted in my first article, when not acting, she preferred to wear only a bathrobe. This happened a few times in the movie, proving she was kind of a frugal exhibitionist.

- the movie showed lots of books in the background of her house and her dressing room! And then, in the best scene, she visits the Royal Librarian and says (a la Belle in Beauty and the Beast) "I'd love to read all of these books!"

The library in question. SO GREAT!

- she wore capri pants and simple dresses (like noted in Simon Doonan's article) and really pioneered the deshabille look. (Basically, movie stars before her always had their hair and clothes done perfectly, and Marilyn always looked a little unkempt and, therefore, more comfy)

The movie had a really good sense of the era, but it suffers from that biographical-movie syndrome where everybody sits around and says things with weird portent, like, "She is the greatest living actress. She will always be remembered." Like, in 1956, I think Laurence Olivier was more like, "Eff this, I can't wait for this movie to be over," rather than sitting around and making grand statements about how great she is.

I'm slightly obsessed with pictures of Marilyn Monroe reading books now.
Did you know she had an IQ of 168 (higher than JFK's 129)
After the jump, read the story of how I made a latte for Michelle Williams:

** in 2004, Michelle Williams was in Halifax filming the straight-to-DVD movie A Hole In One, costarring Meat Loaf. The soundstage was near the coffeeshop where I was then working, and when she came in, I was like, "Isn't that Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek?" (she wasn't a famous indie actress yet) And then I thought, "Holy crap is she short." She is maybe - MAYBE - five feet tall. She is the size of a 10-year-old girl. So tiny. She left a good tip, too!

On that note, apparently she'd been coming in every day and paying $5 for a $2 latte (leaving the change in the tip thing). My male co-worker thought she was just some short girl with a crush on him (hence the every day latte, and the big tip) until I explained she was a semi-famous teen TV celebrity.

Anyway, knowing her wee little size made me watch the movie wondering how short everybody else was she was filming with.

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