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Jour 9: 7 habits of extremely frugal people (i.e. moi)

[*Note: these are all activities I have been engaged in over the past week]

1) Make bread


Believe it or not, I actually have TWO of these bread stamps to make French toast.
Both were given to me as gifts. Am I really so predictable? (PS I LOVE THEM!)

I haven't bought a loaf of bread in at least a month and it's really fun AND the bread tastes great. I use this recipe from The Frugal Girl. I'm thinking of expanding to bagels, but we'll see.

Cost: free! (assuming you have access to yeast, bread pans, flour, butter, sugar, salt and water. And an oven. And a bowl or 2)

2) Laundry


What happens in the laundry room stays in the laundry room.

OK, not super-frugal (it's $2.25 to wash and $2/25 to dry in my building) BUT I'm using soap nuts, which are re-usable and cheapy cheap. Also fun. And the other people in the laundry room look at me like I'm a very interesting person (or a crazy person) (or both).

Cost: $2.25 per load. The soap nuts were like $12, but last forever.

3) Re-organize the furniture in your apartment


I used the principles of feng shui, or at least, as much as I could glean from skimming the Wikipedia entry. Basically, my bed is no longer under the window or facing a door.

You know that neighbour who you're always like "Why is she always moving her furniture around at all hours of the day???" I am that neighbour. And everything looks way better and I feel like I live in a fancy new home.

Cost: Free!

4) Re-organize all the bottles of things in your bathroom


I mean, my stuff isn't on sunshine-illuminated metal trays with flowers and ribbon tied around, but the counter is a lot tidier than it used to be.
I had a bunch of things near the sink that I almost never use (i.e. toilet bowl cleaner, about 25 hair products I don't use) and all the stuff I use was crammed in around the faucets. I put all the rarely-used stuff on shelves near the back of the bathroom. Anyway, all the stuff I want and use is now right by the sink where I can get it more easily.

Cost: Free!

5) Sort your makeup


Hahaha, this isn't my makeup table. I have way more makeup than this...
probably table of makeup for a stage actress and/or opera singer. Amateurs.

Similar to the above item, I put the makeup I most frequently use near the bathroom mirror so I'm not running back and forth with makeup things. Fancy, less-frequently used things (i.e. my growing collection of false lashes, anything with shimmer in it) still goes in my bedroom vanity. This will make me use eyeliner more, for sure.

Cost: Free!

6) Wash your makeup brushes 


Hahaha, these aren't my brushes. What kind of 4-year-old has a collection this small?

I haven't done this in ages (for some brushes, I've never done it ever) and I've been meaning to forever. I already had a great bottle of MAC makeup brush cleaner (although I hear you can also use baby shampoo), and it's super-easy and quick to do (also sanitary and hygienic). Anyway, while the brushes are out drying, I labeled them with the name of what they're for (crease brush, eyeliner brush, etc.) so I can more easily play around with looks from The Look book.

Cost: Free (if you already own makeup brush cleaner, but pretty cheap if you just buy some baby shampoo - it really just takes a little drop per brush)!

7) Sort through your clothes 


No, this isn't my closet. Even I don't own this many sparkley dresses.
Wish I did, though. ::sigh::

This is part of the reorganization of the furniture project - I had to move the Giant Heap Of Clothes I Wear from on top of my dresser to move the dresser, leaving a massive pile of Clothes I Wear on the floor. What's inside my dresser drawers? Oh, just clothes that don't fit, that I don't like or wear. So, I got some garbage bags ($7.99) and am going to drop them off over the next little while at the drop-off thing down the street.

Cost: $7.99 for garbage bags (unless you already own them, in which case, free!)

The verdict?

Frugal win! 

Also... is my life really boring? I hope not. These were all things I'd been meaning to do anyway AND they make my apartment look great and... dammit, I think I've turned boring.

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