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Jour 7: Micro-wave of the future!



After all of last year's wondering and fretting and considering, I finally decided that this will be a useful thing for me to own (compounded by how the work microwave broke a few weeks ago, so rather than bringing charming leftovers for lunch, I have been heating up noodles-and-sauce in a toaster oven @ work).

So far, I'm having flashbacks to when my parents first bought a microwave when I was a kid. Then, I thought it was basically a fast regular oven, so I tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich (to disastrous results). Now, much like my cat, I'm eyeing the new appliance suspiciously, not quite sure what to do with it.

OK, that's a lie. When I bought it, there was money left on my gift card (this was an Xmas gift from my mother), so I got both a package of microwaveable bacon and a special tray to put bacon in the microwave. Then, I came home and toasted some bread, nuked an egg and some bacon, and had a homemade Egg McMuffin (...ish, I mean, it was on homemade bread, instead of a muffin).

I like cooking, really I do, but sometimes one needs a quick meal.
Such as, when one has a very busy day ahead of neglecting ones' children, cheating on ones' husband, manipulating ones' BFFs into having affairs, etc..
(PS - Mad Men season 5 will be airing later in 2012!!!)

Oh, and then a nuked a mug of eggnog with a decaf chai teabag in it for HOMEMADE CHAI-NOG!! I have to finish off my eggnog quickly, as it expires on Tuesday and they won't sell any again until next winter.

So anyway. The next order of business is to figure out where I left my poor. neglected Magic Bag (after last year's sturm and drang about how to heat it up sans microwave) and treat my back and shoulders to a nuked bag of beans, or whatever's inside of a magic bag.

And!! I should mention that my mother gave me enough on the gift card to get a mid-range microwave, but between the after-Christmas sales and the fact that I bought a very small one, it was only $79.99!! Frugal win, most definitely.

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