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Jour 6: The Look Book: book review


I totally didn't just become a librarian for the kick-ass wardrobe.
Just, mostly for the wardrobe.

Sometimes working at the library is the greatest thing. Even better? Having lots of friends who also work at the library, and who can give you the heads-up when THE BEST BOOK EVER has just arrived. They also can put it on hold for you and send it via inter-office delivery.

As such, I have my librarian friend Christine to thank for introducing me to...


This book is cleverly separated into sections about lips, eyes, brows, skin/face and hair. Some of the looks included are Clara Bow's cupid's bow lips, Joan Crawford's SMEAR LIPS, Audrey Hepburn's winged eyeliner, Twiggy's kewpie doll lashes, Coco Chanel's bronzed face, Lucy Liu's pinched-pink cheeks AND Brigitte Bardot's bedhead, Bettie Page's pinup girl hair, and Mia Farrow's pixie hair.


*Note: Joan Crawford's smear lips are to be used for Halloween/costume parties ONLY.

Basically, this book has everything that a frugal girl needs to recreate any look at all, ever. What's great about the book is that it really emphasized how all of these iconic women became icons by embracing their own unique looks and emphasizing certain parts of themselves.

This isn't one of those books that's like "here's how to make yourself look just like Marilyn Monroe!" (Note: the best book on that sort of thing is the late Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces, which was like my Bible as a teen) This book shows how you can take one element from an iconic look, incorporate it with your own look, and be fabulous.


The book tells you how to do Mary Pickford ringlets (also for costume purposes only)
Out of all of the icons, I think she's the one who looks most like me.

So, I'm never going to have a Marilyn Monroe face, but I can learn to apply red lipstick and be a 2012 redhead with some 50s Marilyn influence. (Also? It includes Brigitte Bardot hair and Catherine Deneuve lipstick, for the whole French look) (Which means it's frugal to buy some large velcro rollers, right? For the Bardot hair?)

Also, this book has a great photo explaining which makeup brushes are for what sort of thing and I realized, to my great horror, that I've been using the wrong brush for the eyelid crease! Zut alors! Thank goodness, now I know which brush to do what with.

This is an angled brow brush, for putting colour on your eyebrows.
It's not very useful for putting colour on your eyelid crease, as it turns out.

"But Annabelle," you ask, "what's frugal about any of this?" Firstly, the idea that you don't need to totally reinvent yourself, but rather embrace your own attributes while having some fun. Also? The idea that you can figure out your trademark look and just stick to it - if you're The Girl In The Pink Lipstick, then you don't need to buy dozens of different lipsticks, you just need one that you can use till it's gone.

Also, this is frugal because you can get this book from the library, which is always free (as long as you return your books on time).

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