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Jour 5: Zooey Deschanel, frugal icon


Zooey Deschanel: Frugal Icon
Also: very skilled wearer of eyeliner

Meet Zooey Deschanel: owner of excellent hair, mascara spokesmodel, actress, co-founder of the Hello Giggles website, and now her greatest achievement: the latest inductee into the Shopping Detox Frugal Icon Hall of Fame.

(Previous inductees: Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton. So far, all of the inductees have fabulous, shiny hair as well as frugal habits. I currently have pretty good hair, so all I need are the frugal habits, clearly)


Is she wearing a sock bun with a hair bow?
HAIR BOW SOCK BUN? Zooey is like a hair goddess.

Recently, and for mysterious reasons, the internet published details of Ms. Deschanel's divorce settlement. She was married for 2 years to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie, and I'm sure this divorce has been very difficult for both of them. But it's hard to focus on that when she's releasing adorable videos of her singing (and/or dancing) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, making the whole internet want her to DATE HIM AND MAKE CUTE BABIES ASAP.


You two. Go make babies. NOW.

So anyway, among the charming details of her financial situation which were made public:

- she has $0 credit card debt, despite owning three credit cards and being rich
- she makes lots of money, but puts sensible parts of it into investments every month
- her expenses are reasonable ($500 for eating out is a lot for me, but for someone who makes $95,000/month? I think that's totes fine)
- she donates $1,500 per month to charity

And OK, she spends about $2,000/month on clothes. I didn't say she was like an Amish person, I said she was a frugal icon. Zooey is the perfect example of living with her means (unlike certain members of the Lohan family), saving her money in a responsible manner (...unlike the rest of the Lohan family), and behaving in a ladylike, and adorable manner (take note, Kardashians).



Zooey, be my BFF. Seriously. Not just so we can trade clothes and hair conditioner, but so you can teach me to be a frugalista like you!

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