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Jour 31: Frankenboots and a hilarious Myspace widget

So... I kinda bought some stuff yesterday. But that was 29 days without buying clothes or makeup!! A personal best. I have set up a thoroughly obnoxious count-up ticker over there ------> to see how long I can go without shopping again. My personal challenge is to now make it MORE THAN 29 DAYS. So, we'll see how that goes.

In other news, look at these boots I own now!

Frankenboots!! ($52) (on sale!!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: January is, as it turns out, an excellent time to buy boots. All the stores are clearing out their winter stuff to make room for that weird pre-spring "cruisewear" time of year when they sell lots of things in nautical print. But it's still winter and hence, still boot weather. So stock up!!

Anyway, I have a few plans for what to do in February to have fun and be frugal, and the one I'm most excited about is...

The 29 Days of Tights

My tights obsession may have begun c. 2007, with the first season of Gossip Girl.
Yes, I am over age 15. Also? I like the pink tights best in this picture.

Basically, I own a lot of tights. So many tights that I sometimes forget what kind I already own and then one day realize I own like, 10 pairs of fishnets.

So, for every day in February, I shall wear a different pair of tights. This will both familiarize myself with my tights collections (so I can get rid of any that don't fit/ have holes in the toes/ etc.) and also will astonish you all with the size of my tights collection.

Stay tuned!!

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