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Jour 3: My new laidback French joie de vivre! Also, too much popcorn

Bonjour, mes amis!
 OK, I'm trying really hard not to write in fake French all the time. I'm wearing a hairbow like every day, it's making me French by osmosis.

Here's my update after THREE ENTIRE DAYS of French frugal life. All things considered, I give myself a solid B for effort. I mean yes, I went to two movies and yes, I bought popcorn at both movies BUT I brought my own water and did not buy a drink! So that's a little frugal. And one of the movies was free with my movie points card! The free movie was Tintin in 3-D which is even more expensive, so that's total savings! (Additionally, this movie had a very joie de vivre French sort of quality about it, which I appreciated)

Yes, I know he's technically Dutch, and in the movie he's British, but there's something very French about Tintin. Maybe it's just that the author's name is Hergé?

Anyway. So far so good. I realized today that this year I kind of have to pull out the frugal lifestyle because you've all stuck with me through my craziest shopaholic in denial phases. Remember when I bought new exercise clothes because I didn't have enough change to do the laundry? Oh, 2011. We had some good times.

PHONE UPDATE: my phone is KIND OF WORKING AGAIN. But I have also received some excellent advice from you guys, namely, to get a cheap phone to wait out the rest of my contract (either via Kijiji or just a pay-as-you-go phone from Telus). I think that I need to leave these sorts of decisions up to you guys - left to my own devices, I'm sure I'd be like, "I will pay $120 to break my contract, purchase an iPhone for $500, and then since I've already spent money MORE NEW BOOTS." So, I think part of my 2012 plan is to leave any purchases above, say, $100 up to a vote from you guys.

These votes will be much more fun than whatever's going on in the US right now. Mitt vs. Newt? Seriously? Are those politician names, or names of characters in a Saturday morning cartoon?

Anyway. Part of my new lifestyle is not stressing so much about money. So, I bought some popcorn. So, I didn't pack a lunch today. These things happen, and are not the end of the world. (But if they keep happening for the next 365 days, you guys should probably call me out on it)

Au revoir!

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tabby said...

I'm also trying to save money consistently this year, instead of the saving/spending/saving/spending cycle that I seem to be stuck in. My goal is to save 500 a month and learn how to invest! Now I have to come up with cheap things to do with my friends. :) doing a project x pan now where I'll ban myself from buying anymore makeup, which is where I throw most of my money into! Not buying anything till end November. *someone needs to hold me*

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