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Jour 27: How Pinterest is saving me money

Have you noticed that Pinterest has suddenly exploded? Like, I'd heard about it before but all of a sudden every blog I read has set up shop with a Pinterest page.

If you don't know about this website/social network, it's basically just a place where you can save all of the internet pictures you like. If you look at this blog for 5 seconds, you'll notice that I'm a big fan of finding cute internet pictures, esp. of pinup girls. So, on Pinterest I have one board where I save Pinup girl pictures, one for 1960s looks, and others, including one called "Super Fabulosity" which is for the ultimate most faboosh pics.


This picture of Gina Carano from Haywire is in  my Super Fabulosity pinboard.
Have you guys seen Haywire? It makes me want to learn krav maga like TODAY.

What I really like about Pinterest is that a) I can save pictures of makeup or outfit ideas, as well as pics that would work well on the blog, and have them all easily sorted and easy to find. This appeals to both my inner fashionista as well as my inner and outer librarian/organizer person.

How is it saving me money?

Well, part of why I like to buy lots of new clothes and makeup (and constantly update my hairstyle) is because I like to show off that I am aware of the latest fashion trends. Like, when Ugg boots first became uber-trendy, I got a pair not because I wanted or needed them, but so I could walk around and people would say, "OK, Annabelle is up-to-date in her fashion." Other things like high-waisted pants, skinny jeans, leather leggings, etc., I might lust after and buy not because I want/need them, but just so that I can show everyone that I have noticed these are happening, and that I am up to date.

Enter Pinterest! This totally free website lets you show off your great taste without spending a penny. Plus, by following other people you can get great ideas not only for ourfits, but recipes, fitness plans, etc., etc.

What are you waiting for? Follow me on Pinterest! Or leave your names in comments below so I can follow you!

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