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Jour 26: I spent $45 on spices today but IT'S TOTALLY FRUGAL


Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, the Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn of Bollywood.

So, as part of being frugal is that I'm working on eating better. At least, eating more interestingly. OK - at eating vegetables more often.

As part of this process, I have developed a sudden and obsessive interest in Indian cookery. When I say sudden, I mean, I thought of it earlier this afternoon. Luckily for me, I work in a library where I had access to both cookbooks *and* online recipe searching. So, I left with a very different shopping list than I have ever had before. It included:

- turmeric
- cilantro
- mustard seeds
- coriander seeds


Indian cooking is both delicious and colourful!

Luckily, the recipe I'm making (dahl) includes stuff I already own, like garlic and onions and olive oil. But still, I felt very cool and fancy with my fancy basket of fancy spices. The women behind me was buying like, chips and frozen pizza. I thought to myself, I am so much fancier, French, and frugal than you, line neighbour.

And then I noticed that I had spent like $45 on spices. Is that fun? Yes. Fancy? Yes. French? Not really, but definitely exotic and romantic. Frugal... hmm.

So, the thing is, I did buy the little $6 bottle of turmeric, instead of the larger bulk bag which cost $5 (and therefore, less per unit price). But I'm just cooking for one fickle woman, not a family of 6. I may make this dahl and not do Indian cooking again for like, 5 years. So really, I'll be using the turmeric, curry powder, mustard seeds etc. for years and years. So, it's a one-time pricey purchase, but long-term kind of frugal.


Plus, in case I am called upon to cook a feast for a traditional Indian wedding, I'm all set!

I suppose the most frugal thing to do is to go to the Bulk Bark with my measuring spoons and get exactly one teaspoon of turmeric and a tablespoon of curry powder and leave with tiny bags and have spend like $5 total. But the Bulk Barn is not as convenient as the grocery store (esp. without a car). Blah blah blah.

I'll have to wait and see how my dahl turns out in order to figure out if this was a smart purchase or not. In any case, I feel like I may have impressed the East Indian checkout girl! (Or else she looked at my ingredients and thought, What is this fool white girl doing mixing turmetic with mustard seeds?)

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lululocket said...

How was the dhal? I love it; my top tip is to add some spinach to make it feel like a full dinner (frozen is def frugal, and it's an investment in your health making it legitimate expense).
PS I've spent about three month catching up with all your posts and I've finally caught realtime you! Hooray! Frugal tendencies whilst staying fabulous is definitely me and my housemates!

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