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Jour 25: Still haven't bought any clothes or makeup!


Catherine Deneuve is my new fashion goddess icon for 2012.
1960s-style, ladylike AND French? AND with bows in her hair?
Bonjour, Mademoiselle Deneuve.

I haven't bought any clothes or makeup in 25 days!!

This may be a personal best.

I'm actually thinking about continuing this quasi-spending-fast behaviour into February. Last year? This would have been unthinkable. But the longer I go without buying stuff, the more I want to keep going. I got a flyer in the mail with some special offers from one of my fave stores and I haven't even OPENED it yet.

The combo of sorting through the clothes in my room + getting real about  my debt + joie de vivre = cost savings.

All of this may be undone when I go for a hair appointment on Friday. If you will recall, I went all last year without dying my hair (up until the very end of the year, when I bought dye for $5.99 and did it up DIY style at home). This was partially to try and be frugal, but also partially because my beloved hairstylist was off on maternity leave... which ends on FRIDAY! Which is when I'm going to get my hairs did.

Getting your hairs did by a professional = not necessarily frugal BUT I think, in combination with smarter spending in general and my whole "not buying clothes or makeup" is allowable. No, scratch that. Who am I accountable to? Myself. And I deem this a necessary expense.

My plan is to do my hair like Olivia Wilde, but red:


Basically, shoulder-length, layered, darker on top and lighter on the bottom.
Except red.

I think that getting your hair professionally done leads to increased self-esteem and life happiness, which leads to overall satisfaction and health, which is totally worth the money. Or something.

I'm still quite shocked I haven't bought any clothes in 25 days. Am I... growing up?

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