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Jour 23: Being frugal is soooo haaaaaard


What's a frugal lady to do? Decisions, decisions...

Exhibit A: Clothes Donation

So, I have some bags of clothes sitting in my living room, waiting to be either donated or sold as consignment things. Dropping them off = easy (take the bag to the bin down the street). Taking them for consignment = hard (sort through what's good and what's not, clean things, take them to the consignment store across town). So, the easy thing is less thrifty (i.e. I won't make any money) and the harder thing will be more cost-effective.

Exhibit B: Lunch

Packing a lunch for work everyday = time consuming. You need to plan ahead, make up a sandwich and/or heat soup to put in a thermos and/or clean your tupperware to put your leftovers in.

Buying lunch = easy peasy. Just walk up to wherever you want to buy your lunch from, buy it, eat it, and you're done.


In order to be my most frugal self, I need to get lots of sleep and schedule my time in an organized manner. Also? Because of the whole French joie de vivre thing, I will also allow myself permission to sometimes buy lunch, and to maybe drop off some clothes at the depot instead of the consignment store.

But also? Is it worth getting like $20 at the consignment store vs. dropping off totes cute clothes at the thrift store, where people in need of inexpensive, stylish clothes can access them? It's kinda not, to me. Thrift store shoppers deserve my clothes which are totally fine except for being too small for me.

But I am going to try and get back on board the "packing my own lunch" bus.

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