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Jour 22: Downton Abbey link luuurve


Nothing like a little WW1-era soapy goodness to get us through the winter.

Are you guys watching Downton Abbey? It's basically the most amazing show ever, kind of like if Revenge had 35 characters and Maggie Smith sitting around saying hilariously posh things. I'd love to write a blog post about "Frugal lessons from Downton Abbey" but there isn't much to say in that regard, as nobody is living very frugally (apart from the servants, but we don't know much about how they handle their finances).

So anyway, Lady Mary has to marry Matthew Crawley, am I right? Am I the only one who thinks Daisy the scullery maid looks just like Peggy from Mad Men? And WTF did the Turkish ambassador die in the first place? And can somebody please smack that look off of Vile Thomas The Evil Ex-Footman's face? COME ON! Oh, the drama.

Seriously, you guys, http://MAKEOUTALREADY.COM

Link luuurve!

If Maggie Smith's dowager countess character had a blog, I bet it would be short and sweet, like The Reluctant Retiree. Here are RR's thoughts on granny bloggers.

The Granthams are obviously paying heaps of money to employ what looks at times like 50 servants to keep their mansion clean, but Daisy from Add Vodka has "paying someone for house cleaning" on her list of things she refuses to pay money for.

I bet the servants on Downton Abbey all stay fit, what with the scrubbing and the lifting and going up and down stairs all the time. Anna from And Then She Saved has other free and simple ways to stay healthy & fit without a gym membership.

Watching the upstairs folk on Downton Abbey, it's clear that having lots of money doesn't make you happy (case in point: Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley! Can they just make out already! COME ON!) Anyway, Gail Vaz-Oxlade wrote this interesting post about how it's been scientifically proven that money doesn't make you happier, necessarily.

The gowns and jewels worn by the Grantham ladies are to die for, my goodness. And is it me, or does this purse from Frugal Beautiful's giveaway have a kind of vintage Downton Abbey-ish quality? I hope if I don't win it, one of you guys does!

Ella from My Year Without Wasting Money (a fun new PF blog from Oslo!) also has some good points about how having less stuff might lead to more happiness. Though, you should tell that to Mr. Bates and Anna - can't those kids ever catch a break? COME ON!

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