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Jour 21: Keeping frugally fit


In looking for images of pinup girls doing exercise, I found this list of exercises to get a pinup girl shape. Sometimes, the internet is the greatest thing.

So, last year, for the first time ever in my life, I took out a gym membership and ventured into the gym. I took some very good internet advice I had found and just went in and used a treadmill - one of my major hurdles in starting going to the gym was that I didn't know what to do with the equipment. But with a treadmill? You just turn it on and start walking and/or running.

With my membership, I also got one session with a personal trainer, who showed me how to work some of the machines. And I went, at least once a week... for a few weeks. I guess mostly into the summer, when it was so warm out it seemed silly to run inside. And then it got cold and I don't think I've been there since maybe, like, October? Or earlier?

But somehow, just knowing that gym fees were being taken out every month from my bank account makes me feel as though I've exercised. Like, if you asked me if I worked out, I'd be like, "Oh, yeah! I have a gym membership!" (I also have several exercise DVDs that I haven't used in... about a year, as well as some free weights that I just bought)


This picture is apparently about weighing yourself and exercising, but I find myself distracted by a) her gorgeous hair colour and how I can achieve that and b) her disproportionately wee little feet.
Reasons why I haven't been exercising

1) My apartment is really, really hot. So, I don't want to do an exercise DVD or lift weights in here because I'd start sweating crazy and then have to have a shower, and taking showers is time-consuming, so why don't I just play around on Pinterest instead?

2) Laziness. As soon as I get home from work, I like to make supper and hang out and I'm basically in for the rest of the night (particularly in wintertime, when it's cold and dark outside). So really, the only way to sneak myself into the gym is if I went right from work (*note: the gym is literally across the street from my apartment) but...

3) ...I don't have a lock, so I can't lock my stuff in a locker. Sometimes they have locks you can borrow, but not always. So I could buy a lock, but, you know, I have DVDs at home so why go to the gym at all? (see #1)


*Note: the gym doesn't have these bust enhancing stretchy springs anymore.
You know, in case you were thinking of going to do the "WE MUST, WE MUST, WE MUST INCREASE OUR BUST" exercise, as described in Are you there God, It's me Margaret.

4) I don't like being sweaty. Part of why I bought two 5lb weights after Christmas was so that I could do some weight stuff while watching TV and, having owned them now for about a week, I can say that I have done some of that. But exercising makes me sweaty, which is gross, blah blah blah. Isn't there a way to exercise without getting sweaty? Oh, right

4) I don't like most yoga poses (i.e. I haaaaaate downward dog and sun salutations). And I read this expose that says it's actually dangerous, which I feel is a good reason not to do it anymore. Really, even if I popped in my Gentle Yoga For Extremely Old And Inflexible People DVD, I'd wind up doing a lot of lying in child's pose (i.e. curled up in a ball on the floor) while waiting for them to finish all the poses that I hate (i.e. downward dog, why is that such a popular pose? HATEIT)

My cat, however, is really good at this pose.

5) I'm fit enough, really. In the spring and summer, I biked 45 minutes to and from work, which kept me in shape. And even now that I'm not cycling (due to sub-arctic weather conditions), I still walk to the grocery store and stuff, which makes me more fit than people in the early episodes of Biggest Loser, for instance. Plus, in French Women Don't Get Fat, she says that French people don't exercise - they just find ways to work fitness into their daily lives (i.e. walking).

Basically, I'm wondering if I should renew my gym membership or not. It's $30/month, which is pretty great, but if I only go like 10 times a year, is that worth it, really? Maybe I should switch to like a punch card or something (but then I'd be like -- oh, I only have 10 punches left, maybe I won't go today, don't want to waste a punch)

Do you guys go to the gym? Or is it better to do cheap at-home exercises (i.e. the ones in the pages of Cosmo)?

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