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Jour 20: I still haven't bought any clothes


This picture bears no resemblance at all to my life right now.
1) She's not wearing a parka and 2) I haven't been shopping in 20 days!!

20 days. It's been 20 days and I haven't bought any clothes yet.

I'm not sure the last time I went this long without buying clothes, honestly. It's a good feeling! My personal competition with myself is still paying off.

Some other things helping me to not buy clothes:

- I'm in the midst of cleaning out my wardrobe, and found a bunch of stuff I forgot I owned. It's like free clothes!

- It's really, really, really cold here and really not worth the effort to go anywhere other than from my apartment to the bus to work to the bus to my home again.

- I'm not allowed to get personal packages delivered to my work, and since I don't have a very big mailbox, I'm getting my parcel mail delivered to my friends' house. This makes me self-conscious about ordering stuff online (i.e. it's much less anonymous now), which means I haven't been ordering stuff online.

- There really isn't anything I want right now. It's not like last year, when I was all "I WANT A TUTU OMFG PLEASE LET ME BUY A TUTU AHHHHHH". Like, I haven't seen anything that I want in s a store, on TV, or in a magazine. So it's not like I'm repressing my need to buy stuff - there isn't anything I want to buy.

So, we'll see how long this lasts. But seriously, 20 days feels pretty great. I wonder how many days I'll be able to go without buying clothes? The whole month? TWO MONTHS? It's kind of exciting as I want and see...

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