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Jour 2: Zut alors! Le telephone crisis!


Seriously? ONE DAY OF DETOX and already a crisis??

You guys, it's 2 days into the new year and already I'm having a frugal crisis. Kinda.

Firstly, I will quickly explain what I use my cellphone for:
- alarm clock
- to call bus stops to see when the next bus is coming
- address book (I don't have anybody's phone numbers written anywhere other than my phone)

And my phone has been gradually breaking to the point that today, it has stopped recognizing any signal and so is no longer a phone. Also, I can only turn it off by removing the battery.

So, I may not use it much, but it's handy (esp. when travelling) and I want to keep a cell phone. But the thing is, I only have 6 months left on my current contract (with Telus) and I was planning to switch in 6 months anyway (to bundle it with my internet/landline/cable provider). My phone breaking now kind of complicates these plans.


Although, if I get a new phone, I can get one of those cool retro-style headsets.
Maybe in a cute minty green colour?

So, the options are to either...

1) Buy a new phone from Telus (the cheapest phone they're currently selling is $149.99), which I can use for 6 months, and then transfer it over in 6 months to the other provider, or

2) Buy out my Telus contract ($20 per month still remaining, which for me is about $120), fully switch providers, and get a new fancy phone for basically free, with a new contract.

What do you guys think? It's day 2 of this new shopping detox year, and I really don't know which of these is a better idea. Looking at cell phone reviews only complicates the matter - they all look so nice and shiny!

I mean, the obvious frugal choice is to use tin cans and string, but c'mon. I want an iPhone like the rest of the world.


1 comment:

Niki said...

Option two sounds like the best one. Right? It's cheaper and you get a new phone. Double win.

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