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Jour 18: Magazine subscriptions vs. me


So, last year, one of my earliest frugal babysteps was subscribing to Cosmopolitan magazine. How is that frugal, you may ask? When so many lists of frugal tips say "Stop subscribing to magazines! Just read stuff on the internet!"

Well, this was a frugal decision for me because I noticed that I had gone from just buying Cosmo when I liked the cover model, to buying it every month just 'cause. When you subscribe it costs like $2 an issue, and when you buy it every month it costs like $4.99 or something.

I'm not going to defend my love of this extremely trashy, fantastic periodical, but let's just say that Helen Gurley Brown (the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan) is one of my life icons and buying this magazine supports her life's work of teaching everybody to be both fabulous and trashy.


Helen Gurley Brown: spreading fabulosity since 1922

Anyway, so I was considering not subscribing again this year. I had a long time to consider this, as I've been getting "OMFG YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IS GOING TO RUN OUT! FOR REALS THIS TIME!" letters and emails from Cosmo for about 3 months. Weighing the pros and cons, I ultimately decided to re-subscribe for the following reasons:

- it's like $2 an issue
- it's nice to get real mail, not flyers, in my mailbox every month
- good to read in the bathroom (I wouldn't want to read it on my laptop in the bathroom, that seems unsanitary)
- exercise tips!


And OK, also, really, really trashy sex articles.

As part of my 2012 vague not-actually-formalized resolution, I would like to get some muscles this year. And I thought, "Wait, isn't there a part in Cosmo every month where celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shows you exercises you can do?" Yes, indeeed. FYI - it's usually on around page 155.

So, I went through my stack of old Cosmo magazines and found all of the exercise pages. I did "tighten up your triceps" today, and on top I have "tone your booty - fast!" and "look long and lean." I might go through and rip out those pages and have my own personalized exercise plan.

Anyway. I decided that a $24 subscription is a fun indulgence that makes me happy and is worth the (very slight) investment. If that means I have $24 less to spend on groceries or whatever. These little indulgences help keep me more happy and therefore, are worth it.

Plus, there are totally good hair tips in there *and* those fun stories about embarrassing things people do. And informative articles about numerous interesting things including, yes, "untamed va-jay-jays."

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