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Jour 16: The thermostat thing


Day 1 of winter weather: it's fun! It's different! So pretty!
Not sure why this girl isn't wearing a hat, though.

So, I live in western Canada where it's been SO NICE thus far in winter. Like, mild enough I wasn't wearing mittens last week. Mild enough that I started thinking, "I wish it would get colder so I can wear my cute parka again."

And... so today, it got cold. And it's going to get colder and colder which I'm sure will be driving me crazy by mid-March.

What else will be driving me crazy? My apartment is like a greenhouse/hot yoga studio/boiler room. My building is old (and awesome) and uses hot water heating. I don't fully understand how this works, but basically, it means that they turn on the boiler in mid-October and I have no control over the heat whatsoever. Like, last night it was freezing cold outside and I slept with a window open so that I didn't sweat to death. I was swanning around last night in shorts and a tanktop, guzzling ice water like it was summer. And it was FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE.


My apartment is literally turning into a sauna. And I don't like saunas.

This whole thing led to a discussion at work where I was reminded, yet again, of my parents' SUPER FRUGALITY. Growing up, we kept our heat (electric) at around 5 degrees (that's 41 degrees Fahrenheit). And yes, I was cold. And yes, I complained. And obviously, my parents told me to put on a sweater if I was so cold. Which I did.

When my parents were out and I was home alone? I'd crank it up to like, 15 celcius (59 fahrenheit) and bliss out. One of my friends growing up always borrowed a blanket when she visited my house, and tended to curl around the heater in the fetal position. And yet, when I turned the heat any higher than 5 or 10, my mother would be like, "Whoo! It's like a sauna in here!"

So, as much as I whined as a kid, I have been conditioned to like cold spaces. Which makes my current jungle inferno apartment totally not to my liking. I don't pay for the heat, though, so all I can do is open the windows and let the cold air in and wear light clothes around the house.

I kinda miss wearing a big sweater and wrapping myself in a blanket, though.

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