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Jour 15: Shopping the closet link luuurve


Barbie and I have been busy cleaning out our closets this year.

Here's some linky love to help keep us all fashionable and frugal!

Fashionable People, Questionable Things writes an ode to one of my personal style icons, Stephanie Kaye from the Original Degrassi.

The Simple Dollar shoes us how to find good stuff at Goodwill and other second-hand stores... while Super Frugalette wonders if it's moral to shop at Goodwill if you have, you know, a job and an income and stuff. And Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks also threw in her $0.02 (or, I guess in her case, $5.00) with her post are thrift stores just for poor people?

365 Fashion Rehab wonders if wearing a uniform might make dressing easier (*note: they don't mean a uinform of kilt and blouse, but just dressing in the same style every day). The Everday Minimalist has a similar approach, showing how to make styles work by shopping your own closet.

And if those clothes in your cloest have rips and tears, check out Niki from Debt Free by 30's guide to how she creatively mended some of her children's clothes (the monster face in the ripped jeans would work for a grown-up too, I think) (Maybe?)

Aaaand, in honour of Project Runway All-Stars being back (bringing back ALL MY FAVOURITES - Mondo, Rami, Austin Scarlett, Anthony, Michael Costello... oh my!), I wanted to show The Asian Pear's guide to DIY Fascinators. She was partially inspired by the EVIL KENLEY from Project Runway, who is so cute and her clothes are retro-fabulous and who always wear fascinators, but who is quite the reality TV villainess (after her first season of PR aired, she allegedly threw a cat at her boyfriend. SHE THREW A CAT, PEOPLE).

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