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Jour 14: Accidental shopping fast


Oh, hey. Just toasting my own success with a glass of champagne.
Yes, it's dayime, but it's cool. Champagne is an important part of my new French lifestyle.

I haven't bought any clothes so far this year!

OK, even I am not delusional enough to think that going 14 days without buying clothes is any kind of achievement. But at the same time... I'm kind of excited about this and here's why...

So, if I had made a resolution to not buy any clothes at all this year, I'd already be looking around like, "Oooh, I want to buy that BUT I CAN'T and I want to buy that BUT I CAN'T" and it would be taking up a lot of my brain to be constantly notbuyinganything.

But the way this has happened, where I suddenly noticed I haven't bought anything, frames the whole notbuyinganything in a new, more fun light. Because now it's like a challenge - I know that as soon as I buy something, this streak is over. So it had better be something totally worth buying.


Like this, for instance. This is a dress worth breaking a shopping fast for.
... oh, sorry, I was just sitting here staring dreamily at the sparkly amazingness...

Did you guys see The Office this week? The opening sequence had the office seeing how long they could go without anybody talking (they made it to like 15 minutes or something). I think it's a same sort of thing - when everyone is on Team No More Talking, then you all engage your inner competitiveness and want for it to work out. Whereas if you knew that as soon as you spoke, you'd be in trouble, then you're just biding your time until someone eventually talks.

I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly, but it makes sense in my brain. I have a manic level of competitiveness, so now I'm in competition with myself - to not buy any new clothes. For the time being, I won't be able to mindlessly buy a new tee or even socks or anything without seeing the implications of it.

So, I'm not fully on board any sort of 2012 NO NEW CLOTHES CHALLENGE but... I might wind up in one, if I keep this up.

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