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Jour 11: No Spend January, French style


Just hangin' out, living it up Amélie-style with the primary colours and the cute haircut.

Hi! So, I'm doing (in my own, French "no budget and wear a beret but try and be sensible" way) No-Spend January. I mean, pretty much.

Here are some observations thus far:

1) I almost bought David Sedaris audiobook downloads BUT INSTEAD, I will wait 24 hours and get them from the public Library for FREE!

David Sedaris is both hilarious AND can speak French. AND lives sometimes in France.

2) I thought about going shopping after work because I was tired and hungry, but instead, I went home and cooked food from ingredients I already own.

3) I went with my friend into Starbucks and sat there while she ate a panini sandwich and drank a tea and I DIDN'T ORDER ANYTHING!! (The first time I have ever been in a Starbucks and not ordered anything? Very possibly)


The Starbucks stands alone. Or it did, yesterday.

4) I got my picture taken for the newspaper and didn't buy anything new at all - I just wore stuff I already own (including, obviously, my beret)

5) I almost bought a frozen pizza at the store BUT INSTEAD, I bought green peppers, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and made my own pizza using yeast and flour and things. Did this save money? Maybe kinda. But it also means I'm eating real food from proper ingredients, which is part of my vague plan to eat more healthily (also included: reading more of French Women Don't Get Fat, as well as this new book Why Women Need Fat. *Note: I don't want to be less fat, I just want to be more healthy. So, we'll see.)

Anyway. I'm not spending NOTHING, but I'm spending LESS, which is the French way of spending nothing. More or less.

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