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Jour 1: 2012 link luuurve


Bonjour everybody! Welcome to a new, French year of fabulosity.
2012: the year that I will finally master a perfect Brigitte Bardot 'do.

Ahh, what better way to usher in 2012 (a.k.a. THE YEAR I GET MY ACT TOGETHER), than with a little link luuurve?

One of the funnest and most unexpected things about 2011 (besides accidentally turning into a personal finance blogger) was how many awesomesauce new bloggy friends I made. A more organized person might offer a list of all-time best link luuurve, but whatevs. It's Jan 1 and the whole world is chillaxing.

Here are some great links I've collected over the last few months, but that haven't made it into link luuurve yet:


Catherine Deneuve's look is really quite contemporary, considering this was taken in 1964.
Fishnets, hair bow, flawless 'do, plaid dress... I'm practically wearing this right now!

As part of my 2012 French Debt Paying Off Plan, I think I will make use of some of Niki from Debt Free by 30's ways to get excited about paying off debt.

I'm so in love with The Beauty Department, and this sparkley half-moon manicure is totes among my favourite tutorials they've posted - it's girlie and fancy, but not too complicated.

(Also from The Beauty Department - I finally FINALLY AT LONG LAST learned how to do a fishtail braid. Thanks, LC!)

I'm also going to keep using up products I own, rather than buying new things (as much as possible). I have a giant vat of Vaseline - luckily, My Thirty Spot is here to help with their guide of 20 uses for Vaseline! (Makes your eyelashes grow longer! Shine your shoes!)

I also want to get my exercise on in 2012. French ladies don't go to the gym, but I like doing weights and running sometimes (... OK, so I haven't gone since the summer, but I remember liking it). Mission: Michelle Obama arms will benefit from The Simple Dollar's reminder that you don't have to pay lots of money to get your exercise on.

And I'll be a smart shopper in 2012, using info like And Then She Saved's guide to when to buy stuff. (For instance, June is the best time to buy champagne. Keep that in mind!)

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