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Day 365: Ending the year French style!


Catherine Deneuve models some other crucial French wardrobe staples:
a classy trenchcoat, hairbow, and luscious locks.

Bonjour mes amis and amies! 

Today, it was warmish out, and I was looking around for a toque ("beanie" to you weirdo Americans) and lo and behold found my BERET! So, I put it on and ZUT ALORS, I suddenly looked 10000% awesomer. Which reminded me of the whole French budget/eating thing.

Which made everything fall into place for 2012! It will be L'annee desintoxication d'achats! (*Note: I realize this is probably a terrible translation, but it's the French Year of Shopping Detox)

Don't worry, I promise not to terrorize you for the next 365 days with my horrendous French translations. But here is what I will resolve to do:

L'annee desintoxication d'achats!


Berets make everything more chic. Seriously. EVERYTHING.

- Only buy things that I really, really love (i.e. not buying things just because I'm bored, or because it's kind of what I want) (I will also be taking part in Carla's No-Spend January challenge, to start things off on the right foot)

- Try and eat French-style (I still haven't finished the book yet, but this involves not finishing all of your meal if you aren't hungry anymore, not eating mindlessly, and having lots of butter, leeks and croissants)

- Wear my beret as much as possible (Also: nautical-striped shirts. This will not be much of a challenge, as I own more nautical-striped shirts than most)


Also, French manicures. Le obviously.

- I will also try and shop from shopping lists (since impulse shopping tends to be my undoing). Luckily, I got a cute notebook for Xmas and today, I practiced using it today to organize my day of errands and it went OK. I felt very efficient and professional, crossing things off of a list in this manner.

- Also, I'm going to keep using Mint Canada to automatically track my spending, because then I can keep an eye on my budgets without having to do time-consuming (and boring) paperwork.

- The grocery budget challenge shall continue ($148/month)

Basically, commonsense budgeting, occasional indulgences, and focusing on paying down the debt!

My ultimate goal? By the end of 2012, have a success story good enough to post on Gail Vaz-Oxlade's website! And OK, my ultimate ultimate goal is to MEET MAMA GAIL IN PERSON! But that can't happen until I'm better off, financially. Otherwise I'd be too embarrassed to meet her.

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