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Day 363: Resolving to have resolutions

Time to party like it's 1955! (i.e. no pants!)

Hey, guys! So, I'm working out what next year will bring. Blogging everyday? Maybe. Blogging most days? Perhaps. Blogging occasionally? Probably not. I do best with a strict regime, so probably blogging again everyday. But what will the thesis be? Because, if you will recall, a year ago today I stated:

"As of January 1, 2011, I am going to be responsible and not frivolous."

But then, in the course of 2011, I realized that I can be both responsible and frivolous. Or at least, theoretically. I mean, I was responsible in a few ways (packing my lunch 99% of the time, making my own dish soap, cutting my own bangs... wait, those aren't responsible things, those are thrifty things). OK, so I wasn't really responsible. And I was quite frivolous. But that's just my personality, and such things can't be helped.

FYI - Mad Men is coming back in 2012!! AT LONG LAST!!!
So, one of my resolutions is to WATCH EVERY EPISODE.

2012 will be a more realistic goal. Or maybe, a series of realistic goals such as:

- end 2012 with less debt than I currently have
- buy less stuff
- eat more healthfully (e.g. with vegetables and food groups)
- pay off more debt
- have some sort of budget

Basically, everything I had meant to do in 2011, I will try again to do in 2012. The most important one is the first goal though - actually have less debt. This year has been like the debt version of flip-flop dieting: saving a bunch of money, then spending it all, then running out of money, then saving some more, then spending it all again...


Toot toot! It's hard to think about resolutions when I still have to figure out a NYE outfit!
I'm thinking... streamers in my hair? A jaunty chapeau?

OK, here's a goal: in 2012, I want to never again have that anxious feeling at the debit machine, wondering whether or not I have enough money to buy whatever it is I'm buying. And definitely not have to wrangle some sort of "What if I pay $7 in cash, and then $10 from my debit, and then $25 from my credit card... no? OK, I'll put back the hotpants" scenario.

This is known as, I believe, fiscal responsibility. Also, being a grown-up. So I'll see how that goes.

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