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Day 362: I have never returned a gift (boop boop bee doop!)


Sorry to have been away so long. Busy in a chocolate-induced Christmas coma.

Hello and happy post-holidays to all! I am at the point that I always think I won't reach, where I have no interest in eating chocolates at all anymore. In fact, I just ate one and it tasted like nothing... I'm like a heroin addict, who needs to have more and more heroin until you eventually need heroin just to feel like a normal person.

So, first up in 2012 will be some sort of healthy eating regime. Maybe some sort of French thing, where I just eat croissants and leek soup. Or maybe some sort of caveman thing where I only eat foie gras and lobster. I don't know - at least I'll eat less chocolates and sugar, which will probably be good for me.


Hmm.. pain au chocolat poses an interesting conundrum.
On the one hand, chocolate. But on the other hand, French.
And on the other, third hand, delicioso.
Anyway, so, I got lots of great gifts this year! But I always love all of my gifts. It's kind of a thing. I mean, I got some of the stuff I asked for, and some stuff people thought I'd like (and some MAGICAL GIFTS FROM AMAZING AUNTS) but it's all fabulous. I couldn't imagine ever returning a gift, although apparently, lots of people do this.

I don't know why. Part of it is that, someone bought me this thing. So even if it's, for instance, a pair of Christmas novelty toe-socks (*note: I did not get these this year THANK GOD), I will think, "Someone thinks that these toe socks remind them of me, and therefore, even though I don't understand why, I accept that and will try and find my own inner toe-sockiness."


Unfortch, I don't actually have any inner toe-sockiness because TOE SOCKS ARE TERRIBLE.
But if I got a pair as a gift, maybe I could cut off the toes and make a sock bun?

One time, I got a Betty Boop lunchbox despite the fact that I a) was 20 and b) have never felt one way or another about Betty Boop. But I got this lunchbox, and thought, "Somebody thinks I would want this," and then I carried it around for a year, even though it was too small to fit my sandwich boxes in and I got some odd looks around university.

I don't know. Part of me likes trying on different personas (I am the Betty Boop lunchbox girl! I am the Betty Boop toe socks girl! I am the girl in the Betty Boop rubber mask!); part of me thinks maybe other people know me better than I do so I should trust them; part of me is polite; and part of me is like, "Gifts are fun!"


Nothing against Ms. Boop, but like, why is her head so big?
She's like Dora the Explorer's sassy Abuela.

Really, despite all appearances to the contrary, I'm not choosy. (*IMPORTANT NOTE: Except with clothes. I have very specific tastes in clothes which, although I think are quite apparent, nobody else seems to fully grasp. But everybody who knows me has learned not to buy me clothes, so this isn't an issue.)

In other news: my fabulous mother sent me a gift card to buy a microwave! Hello, heated magic bag! Hello, reheated leftovers! Hello... hmm, maybe I could instead buy a panini press, or a brie baker, or a slow cooker, or... hmm. Stay tuned.

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