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Day 360: This is how you give a gift (to me) (and maybe you)

Shopping Detox mysteries for glamour girls presents...

Annabelle Hepburn and the Case of the Mysterious Gift

Nancy and I are both always running into mysterious awesomeness
Chapter One

I got a mysterious phone call from one of my fave independent boutiques, saying that they had something for me to pick up. "But I didn't order anything," I said. "We know," they said, and I could hear their smile even over the phone.

I stopped by on my way home (this boutique is also dangerously close to my apartment), wondering as I went in whether or not I had just imagined that phone conversation. "Hello?" I said. "I got a call there's something here for me to pick up?"

"Are you Annabelle?" the salesclerk (dressed awesome, with a pair of amazeballs cat-eye glasses) said, smiling. She reached into the till and pulled out an envelope that said:

FROM: BEST AUNT EVER (*Note: it didn't say those things. It said both of our real names)

Chapter Two


My aunt (not really) (but basically)
(she has curlier hair, and identical AWESOMENESS!)
Meet my aunt. She was one of my earliest style icons, and possibly the first adult I ever met who a) wore makeup on a regular basis and b) had a hairstyle. (Luuurve my parents lots, but my Mom is very wash-and-wear) (*Note: wash-and-wear works well for my Mom's laidback style, but my Aunt and I both prefer more fashiony sorts of things).

I also remember vividly one time during a visit, my aunt wore a strapless one-piece swimsuit. This seemed like the epitome of glamour to me. Strapless swimsuits: not just for Miss Universe contestants!

Chapter Three

My Aunt proved herself to be a True Detective.
Also, awesome. Did I mention she's awesome?

So, how exactly did my aunt (who lives not only across the country, but who has not been in my city for like, decades) know about this store? And that I loved it?

Well, it turns out she did her research - I was on the style page of the local paper last year, and she remembered that I had mentioned stores I love in that article. She then phoned the store, arranged the gift certificate over the phone, and then used my advice about purchasing gifts from local stores.



Gifts for everybody! Or at least, for me!
And from me, to my Aunt!

I won't say this is the best Christmas present ever... but this is the best mysterious Christmas gift-giving situation EVER EVER EVER EVER!

I can only hope to be this awesome an auntie to my own godson (who will grow up to be a very well-dressed little guy IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!!) (WHICH I WILL!!) (BECAUSE I'M HIS GODMOTHER!)

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