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Day 355: The most popular girl in the mall link luurve


This picture may not make sense to anyone but me, but if you watched She-Ra Princess of Power?
This is AMAZEBALLS. (hint: it's Catra)

So, I was at the mall yesterday doing Christmas shopping and I got three compliments! One, from a salesclerk who said my hands were soft ("I moisturize!" I said, and she said, "Oh, young hands," but I really think it's the Egyptian Magic); one, from a lady in Sephora who complimented my glasses, and one from another lady in Sephora who complimented my earphone/earmuffs. The moral of the story? I know what I'm doing here, so y'all should take my advice. (*Note: not my financial advice, which is more of a "do as I say, not as I do" thing)

BREAKING NEWS: Gail Vaz-Oxlade, my frugal mentor and imaginary BFF, has just published a new book! She is like a one-woman non-stop genius book publishing factory! I would have no problem accepting this as a Christmas gift, FYI.

Link luuurve!

Are you following The Reluctant Retiree? Hers is the most succinct, hilarious and wise blog out there, I think. Here, she muses about how much she's saving by being a retiree.

You Know You Love Fashion, the fab TV/fashion blog I write for, is in the running to win a shout-out from the new ABC Family show Jane by Design. They've got our editor-in-chief running all over doing challenges - check out her insanely amazing job with the "decorate a blank white tee with household items" challenge. It's a frugal inspiration for all of us!


Seriously, this is  made from a coffee-dyed white tee, a glue gum, and some ingenuity.
If You Know You Love Fashion doesn't win this contest, it's a crime against fashion.

Carla from My 1/2 Dozen Daily is embarking on a no--spend January challenge, and I kinda think I might follow suit. How about you?

I feel like I'm gaining 10 pounds just looking at Niki from Debt Free by 30's Christmas cookies... but I kind of don't mind. Because they look AMAZING and you're allowed to eat whatever you want at Christmastime (right?)

Lindy from Minting Nickels has these supercute DIY Christmas decorations - I personally luuurve the card-hanger.

I got to write a guest chapter for You Were Going To Be Fantastic (the ongoing choose-your-own-adventure blog chick lit novel). See if you can spot my first-person experience with soup kitchens from the Food Basket Challenge...


Finance Fox is hosting a 1-year blogversary giveaway bash! (ends 12/18)
Invest It Wisely is having a $300 holiday giveaway! (ends 12/25)
Fabulously Fru-Girl is hosting "my grown-up Christmas wish" giveaway (ends 12/25)

Blog carnivals!

My post French Women Don't Get Debt was included in the latest edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted at Financial Success for Young Adults.

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