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Day 350: The Shopping Detox guide to THE BEST MAKEUP EV-AH! EVVV-AHHHHH!


As you may have noticed, I kind of love makeup. Kind of a lot. Like, a lot.

Here's my list of the BEST MAKEUP EVER - and I should know. I've tried most makeup. So this is a good list of possible gifties for your GF (or makeup wearing BF or BFF), must-haves for makeup addicts, as well as a good jumping-off point for people who want to wear makeup but don't know where to start. (Make sure to check my list of essential beauty products, too!)

The Shopping Detox List of Essential Makeup

(*Note: I may have more essential makeup than you do. If you're a makeup newbie who wants to get a good start, I've put **** next to items that are good for beginners and teens)

(*Note: the rest of the items are what I go to for fancy dress times, and are basically all you need to do any Youtube makeup tutorial)


Step 1: The Face

**** Foundation - sheer coverage: MAC Studio Moisture tint SPF 15 (MAC stores or online). Just enough light coverage to even out your skin, without hiding freckles or other beauty marks. Easy to blend and apply, just like a regular moisturizer.

Foundation - for dressy events: MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 (MAC stores or online). This is also my pick for concealer for blemishes - just dab on a little with your fingers or a foundation brush and blend.

Concealer - for undereye circles: Garnier Nutritioniste Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller (drugstores). a) it rolls on with a cool metal tip, which decreases puffiness in undereye circles, b) it has caffeine, which refreshes your skin and c) even if neither of those things are actual scientifically true, it's easy to apply and pretty idiot-proof.

Finishing powder: Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder (drugstores). You can put on the greatest, most artfully applied makeup in the history of the world, but if you don't put on powder afterwards then it'll all just run and smear and get wrecked. Translucent powder is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF PUTTING ON MAKEUP (second, of course, to actually putting on the makeup.) Anyway, I've been using this since I was a kid to set my makeup - an oldie, but a goodie!

Bronzer/contouring powder: MAC Bronzing Powder (MAC stores or online). I don't use this to fake tan, since I'm so pale I just look dirty with bronzer on. But it's good for contouring your face - an important step in doing up a retro makeup look.
Step 2: The Eyes

Eyeshadow primer: Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer (online). You just need to put on a little bit (like the amount of the tip of your pinkie finger) on your eyelid before applying shadow, and your eyeshadow will stick on FOREVER - no joke. MIRACLE PRODUCT.

Eyeshadow - everyday: Joe Fresh Eye Shadow (Loblaws grocery stores) has a great palette of neutral, non-shimmery colours for basic, neutral, looks. Also, supercheap!

Eyeshadow - fancypants: Lime Crime Magic Dust (online) is OFF THE HOOK. This stuff is INTENSE and AMAZING for fancy, sparkley goodtimes. (*Note: v. important to use the primer before applying this stuff, to get the full pigmentation of the colours and longer-lasting glamourousness)

**** Eyeliner - everyday: Cover Girl LiquiLineBlast Eyeliner (drugstores) and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Sephora or online) (TIE). The Cover Girl liner has great staying power, classic colours, and really smooth application. The Urban Decay one is also smooth and creamy, easy to apply, and comes in a zillion supercute funky colours.

Eyeliner - liquid/fancypants: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (drugstores). It may be a little scary to get an eyeliner in a pot with a brush, but I actually find it easier to apply it than many of the liquid liner pencils. It lasts forever, gives you very precise lines, and is perfect for a Lauren Conrad-esque cat's-eye look. **** For beginners interested in trying the cat's eye look, I recommend the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen (drugstores) or the Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner (drugstores). Both go on like a felt-tip marker, and the Cover Girl one is short and stubby, which makes it easier to draw a straight line.

Eyeliner - for the waterline: NARS Larger Than Life Longwear Liner (Sephora or online). I've only just starting to experiment with liner in the waterline, and have already learned it's CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT to choose a good liner for this. Or (for instance) you'll wind up with stingy eyeliner all over your contact lenses, blurring your vision for the rest of the evening. This liner lasts and lasts, without smearing into your eyes. Use a dark colour for intense Kate Middleton eyes, or a light colour for extra-big Lucille Ball/Zooey Deschanel eyes.

Mascara: Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara (drugstores) is GENIUS. It volumizes lashes, darkens, lengthens and totes gives that 1960s-false-lash look. Only thing is that it can get runny after awhile (even the waterproof one) so it's not great if you'll be getting sweaty or teary-eyed. For extreme waterproof mascara (i.e. weddings, the beach) go with Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara (Sephora or online). You could do a synchronized swim routine in a downpour and this stuff won't budge.

False lashes: They're all pretty much the same, so long as you have a good lash glue - Duo is the best BEST BEST, I have found. And the MAC lash strips (MAC stores or online) are the most pliable, which makes them more comfortable.


Step 3: The Cheeks

Blush - cream: MAC Cream Colour Base (MAC stores or online). You put on just a pinch of this in a pinky colour for a retro, rosy-cheeked look.

Blush - powder: Jane Shimmering Blush (drugstores). A light, subtle pinch of colour. For retro makeup, you put on a bit of the cream blush, then the powder blush on top. Trust me - it works A++

Step 4: The Lips

****Best lip/cheek tint: BeneFit Posie-Tint (Sephora or online) gives a sweet blush of colour for lips and cheeks. For makeup newbies, this is a two-in-one product to save you money!

Lipstick - retro awesome: Lime Crime Retrofuturist (online). a) this comes in a gorgeous purple and silver sparkley tube with a UNICORN ON IT and b) one time I wore this out dancing, wiped it off, woke up in the morning and my lips were still stained pink. That is some long-lasting AWESOMESAUCE, y'all. 

Lipstick - everyday: The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color in Neon Pink (The Body Shop stores). Don't worry, it doesn't go on as bright as it looks in the tube - it's a sheer, bright pop of pink. But you can also layer it on for a rad 80s neon lip look, if you so desire.

Lipgloss: Stila Kitten Lip Glaze (Sephora or online). a) this tastes good, b) it's a subtle peach shimmer that looks good on every skin tone and c) it lasts way longer than most other lip glosses.

****Other lip product: Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint (Sephora or online). It moisturizes like a balm, puts on a hint of gorgeous colour, and is pretty much idiot-proof to apply (like a big crayon).


Step 5: The Nails

Nail polish - everyday: For job interviews or other places where you want to look professional, Essie Ballet Slippers (drugstores) is the best classic pale pink/nude colour. Perfect for going incognito.

Nail polish - fancypants: Anything from the OPI Muppet collection (salons)! Especially Excusez-Moi - it's like pure pink glitter without any actual polish = the pink sparkley polish of my DREAMS!!

Step 6: The Guru

****Best YouTube makeup tutorials: JuciyLucy!! She's taught me Joan-from-Mad-Men-makeup, 1930s-Cabaret-girl-makeup, and even has tutorials for basic everyday looks, too. She's a really sweet, girl-next-door English woman and her transformations are quite spectacular.

What about you guys?

Any favourite makeup products? Or are you just terrified with how much stuff I have in my arsenal? (Bearing in mind that for each of these winners, there are about 15 runners-up in each category) (So I know what I'm talking about, for reals!)


~Carla~ said...

Wow... That's a LOT of stuff.. lol! I wear Bare Escentuals blush, and some organic lip gloss. That's it... lol! Pretty low maintenance! ;)

Crystal said...

I don't wear much at all because I am lazy and got lucky by marrying a guy that dislikes it anyway (yay), BUT I did just take up racquetball and have a huge bruise on my chin from hitting myself with my racket. What would be a great concealer for my Christmas parties? I have really white skin, so it is hard to hide (I'm usually Ivory when I do buy powders or bases...). Any advice would be appreciated. :-)

Annabelle Hepburn said...

Carla - well, it's not like I use all of this everyday. But this is really all you need to pull out basically any makeup look. On a regular day, I wear mascara and lippie, maybe some eyeliner and blush... but I pull out the big guns for a night out!

FB @ said...

Holy cow :)

For me:

Foundation = Stila powder or CoverFX in a powder compact is my favourite. I also use Bare Escentuals but it takes a lot of time

Concealer = TheBalm's Time Balm is THE BEST concealer, EVER. Cream based.

Eyeliners = Urban Decay makes fab ones

Bronzer = Annabelle Haute Zebra is a perfect shimmer

Blush = Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Eyeshadow = Urban Decay Naked palette and Annabelle, and Sonia Kashuk for Target are fab

Mascara = Annabelle Big Lash

Primer = CoverFX

Eyelid primer = TooFaced Primer

Lip Gloss = Smashbox Gloss in Artiste or just some Rosebud Salve in a tube works as a balm

You can see some swatches and stuff here: FB's Makeup and Toiletries

I try to keep it pretty low key..

Lindy Mint said...

Wow, great list.

I've used the same foundation for years, but it's one of those multilevel marketing brands and I have to order it through a consultant, and my consultant has lots of kids and I hate bothering her. It's good to know another solution is around the corner at my neighborhood MAC if I get in a pinch.

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