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Day 346: Cutting your own bangs for fun & profit

Great Moments in Bangs:
Zooey Deschanel teaches us that a strong fringe can emphasize your eyes better than any eyeliner can. (Don't tell her bosses at Rimmel Cosmetics that, though)

I mentioned yesterday that cutting my own bangs is one of the things I wouldn't have done this year, were it not for the whole shopping detox thing. And then I remembered I had never blogged about it!

First off, I would like to note that bangs are not for everyone. That being said, cutting bangs (or "fringe" as you say across the pond) is a great way to freshen your look without dying or chopping it all off. It's a good half-way extreme hair change, juuuust enough to satiate those cravings for a total makeover.

Great Moments in Bangs:
Reese Witherspoon cuts bangs for the 2007 Oscars, following her divorce from Ryan Philippe.
I would like to note first off that I have the utmost respect for the hairdressing industry. But it's a lot easier to just trim my own bangs than make an appointment to go see someone for 4 minutes while they do what I can do (nearly) as well at home. I used this tutorial from the retro fantastic Retro Chick.

What I have learned (the hard, unflattering bangs way):

- cut your bangs DRY (because if you cut them wet, they will get shorter when they dry and you may wind up with too-short bangs)
- get good haircutting scissors (seriously, don't use your kitchen scissors - use nice, sharp, clean ones)
- don't get too carried away (it's exciting to cut your own hair, but always err on the side of cutting a bit too less, not a bit too much)
- bear in mind that HAIR ALWAYS GROWS BACK, and if worse comes to worst, you can use a combo of bobby pins and headbands to hide the bangs away.

Not-So-Great Moments in Bangs:
Peggy from the first season of Mad Men clearly got a bit carried away with cutting her bangs, to disastrous consequence. 

Anyway, the real secret is that you snip the scissors UPWARDS - don't slice straight across the bangs. It's  varsity level home haircutting to cut a perfectly straight fringe, so go with a piecey look - that way, it doesn't have to all be the same length so there's less pressure.

Great Moments in Bangs:
Marianne Faithfull, 1960s. Along with Brigitte Bardot and Julie Christie, she founded the heavy bangs-with-wavy-hair look currently popularized by Zooey Deschanel.

*Important note: bangs are useful in the winter, when wearing a hat, because the bangs keep the hat from leaving a mark on your forehead.

Bang trims are free at most salons anyway, so this isn't necessarily frugal. But it saves time and is convenient! So I'm all for it.


Stephanie said...

Ah, I'm so jealous of bangs. I've always wanted heavy, shiny bangs. But my hair is so frizzy-curly that bangs are simply impossible. My sister has straight hair and she cuts it herself. If I cut my own hair, I think I'd probably end up looking (more) like a poodle.

~Carla~ said...

I'm growing out my bangs... Again. :P lol!

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