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Day 345: 20 days to go & all is well! Or... OK. OK-ish.

So.... it's Day 345/365 for this, my year of Shopping Detox.


And boy are my paws tired!

But the big news is how Sock Buns and Eggnog Chai Lattes are spreading around the internets! I've been getting sooo many messages from people who have discovered the magic of sock buns and eggnog chais, and to all of my friends, I say, You're So Welcome!


Sock buns are the official 'do of Shopping Detox Nation:
Cheap (free!), easy, and retro glamorous!

Shopping Detox: The cure for bad hair days since 2010!

Anyway, as I figured out a few months back, Shopping Detox won't end after one year (partly because it's so fun writing this blog and partly because... well... my debt is still kind of... there). I'm not sure what Year 2 of Shopping Detox will include (aside from, you know, actually paying down  my debt) but here are some small victories from this year:

- I somehow wound up being a personal finance blogger (when I started, I thought this was going to be a shopping/fashion blog)
- I learned to bake bread! (And it's DELICIOUS!!)
- I completed the Food Basket Challenge
- I learned to darn a sock
- I got tweeted at by Gail Vaz-Oxlade!!
- I learned to cut my own bangs
- Sock bun!!
- Switched to using a Diva Cup


"Darling! Shopping Detox is so good that we simply must continue for another year!"
"At least!" "Mwa!" "Mwa!"

I'm sure there are more highlights, which I'll get to during the next, final 19 days of Shopping Detox: Year One. My most favourite things are my new blog friends (esp. Mama Gail), getting to take part in the Food Basket Challenge, and the bread. The bread is SERIOUSLY SO GOOD (thanks Dylan for suggesting I check out The Frugal Girl's recipe).



Daisy said...

Awesome! I found sock buns on Pinterest a couple of months ago and they're the best. They seriously save me from looking like a crazy person at work.

Dylan said...

You are very welcome. So glad you decided to check out The Frugal Girl. Amazing bread, yes?

She's got some great recipes, that have inspired me to try some new things. And I find the pictures helpful. :)


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