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Day 344: White Christmas (1954): the frugality audit

We're dreeeaming of a fruuuuugal Chriiiiistmas!
Just like the ones Gail Vaz-Oxlade tells us to haaaave!

Have you guys seen White Christmas? If you haven't, go watch it NOW (I promise they have a copy at your local Library, and it's also probably playing on TV somewhere right now). Seriously. Go watch it, and I'll wait here. I know it's long... how about you read this blog during the boring (i.e. anything sung by Bing Crosby) songs?

I just hit up this movie on THE BIG SCREEN (they show old timey films at the theatre every month for just $5! Such a great thing to do) and, like with everything in my life I'm seeing it through the lens of frugality.

Frugal lessons from White Christmas (1954)

These outfits are only frugal if you have a touring sister act, because then you wear them all the time.
And you can use the fans as pillows when you're not performing. I guess?

1) If you find yourself in the army with a popular celebrity, do your best to be in the right place to save his life because then he will owe you and you can, in short order, become just as famous as he is! Frugal win!

2) If you are working as a singer in a bar, and the landlord accuses you of burning a hole in the carpet - climb out the window and run away to Vermont. Nobody should make you pay for that, and it won't ruin your career/reputation at all!

3) If you open a bed-and-breakfast in a place known for its snowfall, you should probably make sure you have a backup reason for people to visit - so that if it doesn't snow for 2 weeks, you won't have to rejoin the army because of your business's failure.

Snooooow, snoooow, snoooow!
It's frugal to wash your hair in snow, BTW. But not advisable.

4) The best way to spread a message is not Facebook or Twitter, or even the newspaper, but rather getting Ed Harrison to announce it on his show - which everybody in America watches.

5) While giving your entire cast and crew 4 weeks of paid vacation over Christmas is a nice idea, booking them for a special last-minute show with all new dance routines on Christmas Eve is an even better idea! They will all be THRILLED to help you out with this!

6) Always match your shoes to your dress. And when you go away for Vermont for a weekend, bring as many evening gowns (and perfectly matching shoes) as possible - you never know when you'll go on a grand adventure and need to perform lots of musical numbers.

Frugal tip: pants optional. But only if you have legs like Vera-Ellen.

7) Try not to focus on the fact that the four main actors in this film are either phsyically abusive alcoholics, depressive alcoholics, anorexics who have to wear turtlenecks all the time, or closeted gay alcoholics. You can figure out which is which.

Happy Holidays!


Nancy Wurtzel said...

Oh, I love this movie! So campy...we watch it every year and sing and dance along. We know all of the trivia surrounding White Christmas -- part of our holiday tradition. Thanks for sharing!

MM said...

Especially Choreography!!!!

Dy said...

This is my all time favorite Christmas movie.

femmefrugality said...

I'm pretty sure she had ribs removed to look EVEN skinnier...MIL was telling me that used to be a popular practice...

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